REPORT: 10.2006

REPORT: 10.2006

October 31, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
The end of October is here, and as promised, I'm providing a summary of the month's logs, just for my own amusement. It'll be fun to look back on this years from now to see how things change.

This month has pulled in an exceptionally high amount of traffic, largely due to the metal figurines I've been selling online (which accounts for 98.88% of my traffic). I've set up shop on a forum to show off the figurines and sell them, which has resulted in 248,229 page and image requests, and over 4.5 gigs in bandwidth. I'm working on building another section of my site so I can actually sell the figurines directly from here instead of from the forums, but I'm doing so well selling to forum members that I don't have a ton of motivation to change things. However, as much as I'm comfortable posting pictures of the figurines in my blog posts, having an actual shop just makes more sense.

This is part of the search query report for my site for October. I'm not posting everything, as that would make for a terribly long list... so I've just posted the top requests and the requests that caught my attention.

Top Searches:
circumventor (always popular)
"i'm sick of modern christianity" (me too!)
"fluidmaster whisper fill valve" (toilet adventures)
"dead animal smell in ducts" (mmm, delicious)
"urhines kendall icy eight special k" (best name ever)

Strange/Amusing Searches:
"what is white smoke coming from my car and smell like rotten eggs" (answer: catalytic converter)
"what's between heaven and hell that you can't touch taste or smell?" (are these song lyrics?)
"smoking pot and the bible" (you can smoke the bible?)
"security code didn't match" (sorry - google can't help you)

Browser Usage
Since nearly all of my traffic comes from a particular forum where most users are anti-microsoft, it's no surprise that the leading browser is Firefox, weighing in at 59%. Internet Explorer comes in at 23%, followed by Onepage (7%), Opera (4%), and Apple's Safari (3%).

Most Requested Blog Posts
My blog posts aren't nearly as popular as my metal figurines, so the numbers make up such a small fraction of my overall traffic. Here are the top 10 read blog posts:

BANNED BOOK WEEK (491 views)

Other stuff
I started reading Umberto Eco's Foucault's Pendulum a few days ago, and I'm hooked. The book is delightfully engaging, and even though it's translated from Italian, the book flows very nicely. As a side note, the book was published in 1988, so it's a little dated as far as technology is concerned; it's amusing to read a narration on the uses of the word processor, and the way it was going to revolutionize the way people thought about their own writing, and the philosophical ramifications of being able to quickly edit documents via search/replace. I think an entire paragraph was dedicated to exploring the power of the spell-check feature.

Hopefully, I can put the book down long enough to get my studying done for my industry education exam next month.

Speaking of books - I've added a list of books I'm reading on the side navigation. It's my 2006 reading list, and includes books I've read this year (marked with a strike-through), the book I'm currently reading (with the associated image), and the not-yet-read books which follow the image. If I don't get around to reading all of them, I'll just add them to the 2007 reading list, and archive the 2006 list somewhere. I'll have to figure out how I want to organize that information.
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COMMENTS for REPORT: 10.2006

Kristen said:
Smoking pot and the Bible...awesome. :)

RYC-Thanks for praying for my eternally damned soul.

November 01, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
If it's any consolation, I'm right there with you. We gave out candy to all sorts of ghouls and unchristian creatures, clearly offending the god of the hyperconservative religious folks.

:: shrug ::

November 01, 2006

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