June 15, 2009
by: jovial_cynic

A few months ago, my wife and I started to notice that our minivan transmission was acting a little funny. When slowing down to a stop, the transmission would drop from second to first (we have the 4-speed automatic) with a clunk, sometimes so forcefully that the car would shudder as a result. Additionally, I noticed that the cruise control had gone all wonky -- I'd set the cruise, but the engine would fluxuate around the speed I set, as though it couldn't find the correct speed once I set it. Lastly, my wife noticed that the speedometer needle started acting up, and would shoot out to 120mph and back down to 0mph with no actual change in engine speed. Very weird.

Having heard for years that Dodge transmissions were notorious for failure (especially on the minivans), I braced myself for the cost of repairs. Between the transmission, the cruise control, and whatever was causing the speedometer to race around, I expected to end up with a repair bill that would be greater than the value of the van. However, I wanted to see if anybody else had experienced similar problems with their transmissions, and wondered if the cruise and speedometer issues were connected in anyway.


The first thing I needed to do was to identify my transmission. The 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport (3.3 L) has the A604 transmission, as did any Caravan from 1989 to 2006. As it turns out, this transmission is entirely computer controlled.

A604 / A606
The transmissions above are 4 speed front wheel drive automatics that are all computer controlled. If your transmission starts shifting erratic or stays in second gear only, then make sure you or a shop run a scanner on the vehicle. You want to see if you have a sensor that has gone bad causing your problems. Also make sure you check the clutch volume index (c.v.i.). This helps determine the condition of the transmission. Chevy's and Ford's do not have this neat little feature.

Vehicle's with A604 transmissions have chronic input and output speed sensor problems and also with the little wire connectors to those input and output speed sensors. The dealer offers a repair kit for these wires instead of buying a whole new wire harness. On most of these vehicles, If you have a code 41-44 you should check for weak battery voltage first. now the shop needs to check the wiring for poor grounds. I have seen that The transmission controller often goes bad causing these same codes, so be careful.

Reading that a common fail-point on these transmissions is the input and output speed sensors, I kept researching to see if the other issues with my van could be caused by the same sensors.

Cruise Control:

This article I found referenced a 1988 Dodge transmission (which is a generation prior to the one in my van), but the reference to the speed sensors caught my attention:

Q. Now I have a few problems with my 1988 Dodge Caravan, 3.0 liter engine, is equipped with cruise control, A/C and has 141,000 miles. I have a Maintenance Required light coming on with a Code 15. I had this for about two months or so. During that time the cruise control worked just fine!

A few days ago I turned on the cruise control to set it at 55 mph and when I did the car started to accelerate more and more!!! It would not stay at 55 mph. Could code 15 cause this problem?

A. Code 15 is the Vehicle Speed Sensor and a bad VSS would most certainly cause the problem you're having with the cruise control.


The last issue was the speedometer, and sure enough, the issues with the speedometer can also be linked to the speed sensors on the van.

'91 Dodge Caravan, Speedometer Jumps

Q: I recently bought a '91 Dodge Caravan with a bad transmission. I had a Chrysler rebuilt transmission installed. When driving down the road at 30 MPH the speedometer will start jumping around sometimes will peg out at the maximum 100 MPH on the dashboard. The engine will start jerking at that point. Then the speedometer will settle down and the vehicle will run smoothly. The tachometer will remain steady even though the speedometer is jumping around. The transmission shop did not think that the rebuilt transmission would be the cause. The OBD did not show any errors. When the technician checked the dashboard, the speedometer would only go to the half way point(50MPH) instead of the full range(100MPH). What should I be looking for? Sensors, gauges, body control computer? Wiring? The problem is intermittent and seems to be affected by bumps.

A: If I'm not mistaken your vehicle doesn't have a speedometer cable. It uses a signal generator in the transmission that creates an electrical signal in relationship to vehicle speed called a Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS). This information is processed by the vehicle's computer for engine and transmission management and provides the signal for the body computer that controls the speedometer. If the VSS is failing it will not always set a code in the computer. Why? It all depends on how it is failing (lying). Also you have to know that the computer in many vehicles have a programmed speed limiter. The computer's program uses vehicle speed as an input and if a specified speed is seen by the computer it will cut the fuel injectors to prevent the vehicle from going too fast. Knowing this, and the fact that your engine starts running rough when the speedometer flips out at 100 plus MPH, I'd say fuel cut out is kicking in. For this to happen it is likely that the Vehicle speed Sensor is on its way out. Before it quits it's going you make your life difficult. Have your technician plug into the vehicle computer and monitor the vehicle speed sensor signal. It's likely your problem is an intermittently lying Vehicle Speed Sensor.

Having put together my research, and understanding that the issue may have been caused by a bad set of speed sensors, I did my best to put my head around the problem, which I believe can be summarized this way: these transmissions receive signal about the engine speed through an input speed sensor. The transmission changes gears when the engine reaches a specific speed. The transmission, through the output speed sensor, tells the car how fast it is going, and that information is sent to the speedometer and the cruise control system.

Confident that I had figured out the problem, I checked around a few local auto stores to see if anybody had the sensors. The sensors ran about $20 each, which is significantly cheaper than having to a replace the transmission. When you get them, make sure to have the store tell you which is the input and which is the output, because I think they'll both fit in either hole. The boxes on my sensors didn't say, so I had the store just write "IN" and "OUT" on the boxes.

I found a handy image of my transmission (from the now-defunct yahoo answers page), which shows where the sensors are located:

And then I made sure I had the parts and tools necessary to do the job.

Parts/Tool List:
10mm socket (to remove top of air intake)
1" socket (to remove/tighten sensors)
standard screwdriver (to loosen hose clamps)
Vehicle Speed Sensor - INPUT
Vehicle Speed Sensor - OUTPUT


The first step is to remove the airbox cover. This can be removed with a 10mm socket. Under the airbox cover is the actual airbox; remove the filter by unsnapping the clamps holding the lid in place. Maybe this is a good time to see if your filter needs to be replaced.

Once you've got the airbox cover and filter off, you should be able to see where the sensors are located. On the left is the input sensor, and on the right is the output sensor.

The input sensor is located just under two little hoses; remove the clamps and get those houses of the way. Make sure that you keep track of which hose goes on the left and which one goes on the right. To remove the sensor connector, there's a tab that lifts up, probably under the sensor. It lifts very easily, and the connector slides right off. If it's not coming right off, you haven't properly lifted the tab.

Here you can see the hoses and the sensor connector removed. To remove the sensor, you need a 1" socket which should fit right over the terminal. The socket should also be large enough to clear the hose nipples.

Here's a shot of the output sensor. Note that with both of these sensors, the base is plastic. If you use anything other than a 1" socket, you'll rip the plastic to shreds and never be able to get the sensor off. USE the socket.

In my situation, the output sensor was covered in sludge, which may have been the source of the problem. Both the input and output sensors use some kind of magnetic receiving unit, and those magnets will pick up tiny metal shavings that are suspended in the transmission fluid. I suppose 10 years worth of buildup is enough to cause the sensor to throw bad signals. But maybe something on the inside caused the problem... so replacing it outright was the best decision.

Anyhow, after replacing the two sensors, the transmission problems have completely been resolved. No more weird cruise control issues, no more erratic speedometer, and no more 2-to-1 gear drops when coming to a stop. Problem solved.

NOTE: This is part 1 of the Dodge Caravan transmission issue. Part 2 can be found here:


Chony said:
Awesome, Josh!!!
I tell you, you sure are handy and smart!!

June 21, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Thanks, mom! :)
June 22, 2009

BG said:
This information looks great. Question - Did you run any computer codes before starting on the project? If so, do you remeber which codes came up? Also did the check engine light ever come on?
June 23, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
BG -

I did not run codes, and even if I did, the problem was intermittent. The sensor hadn't failed; it was just randomly throwing bad numbers.

I believe, however, that a fully failed output sensor will throw a code 15, based on what I've read.

No - the check engine light never came on.

June 23, 2009

BG said:
Thanks again for the information it has been great. Unfortunately I think my 2000 Dodge Caravan Sport has a few more issues. I'll keep trying.
June 24, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
BG -

No problem. Hope you get everything figured out.

June 25, 2009

Fred said:
Good information. I initially replaced just the output sensor. That fixed the problem. A month later had to replace the input sensor. Morale: do them both.
July 03, 2009

Fred said:
P.S. - you can reset the "check engine" light by disconnecting the battery terminal for a minute or so, then put it back on again.
July 03, 2009

KEV said:
My 02 Grand Caravan is making lots of noise and lurching. See anything about that in your research? Thanks
July 16, 2009

jovial_cynic said:

Sorry, man. Noise could be anything. Lurching could be transmission, engine, brakes... you're not really giving me (or google, if you go that route... which you should) to work with.

July 16, 2009

starla said:
lurching --- i have that too. when i am travelling around town at slow speeds (speed limit is 40km) seems to rev up and then go back down......but the speedometer doesnt show any change in speed. you can physically feel the van "lurching" a single mom and i have no idea how else to explain it. nearest 'shop' is over 2 hours away....i live in the middle of nowhere. my van is a 2004 grand caravan.
I also have noise when i brake...tho this has been an ongoing issue for some time, my dad did look at it and found some clip things were missing off the brake pads...? replaced them and it was fine but now its doing it again and the clips are still in place. it doesnt do it all the time, usually only when im braking lightly.....if i press on the brakes hard, it doesnt do it.
any ideas.......?

July 23, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
starla -

My instinct on any "lurching" on these vans is to swap out the speed sensors. They're easy to swap out, and they're not terribly expensive, compared to the cost of a new transmission.

As for the squeaking - it's time for new brake pads. Brake pads come with a metal prong that is meant to squeak when the pad gets worn down. You won't notice the squeak when you press hard on the brakes, because you're pressing the pads onto the rotors hard enough to push the prong down. Anyhow, what you are describing is the sound that brake pads are supposed to make when they're worn down.

July 23, 2009

Darlene said:
My 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan was doing the same thing... cruise control jerking at first... then it wouldn't get out of first gear and the speedometer stayed at zero, and the transmission light came on.

I bought the input speed sensor; my son installed it, but it didn't fix it. The next day, I bought the output sensor and my son installed it, but the transmission light didn't go out. We disconnected the battery to simulate a reset and still the transmission light didn't go out.

I'm really surprised switching out the two speed sensors didn't fix the problem; my symptoms are identical to what yours were.

I'm not sure what to try next. :-/

August 03, 2009

Darlene said:
I spoke too soon! I thought the output sensor replacement had failed because the transmission light was still on after my son installed it. I didn't drive the van anywhere cause I was blocked in by 2 cars.

Anyhow, it occurred to me this morning that maybe the reset attempt didn't work, even though the sensors did solve the problem. So I drove it to my favorite mechanic this morning, and lo and behold, the speedometer was working and the transmission was shifting gears! Woo-hoo!

The mechanic hooked a computer reader to my van and reset the fault messages. The transmission warning light went out! Woo-hoo! Thank you so much for putting this information the internet! You saved me a LOT of time and money, I am sure!

August 04, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Darlene -

Glad that worked out for you! :)

August 06, 2009

Umang said:
Thank you very much.
August 10, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Umang - no problem. Hope this information was useful.
August 10, 2009

Gary said:
My 2000 van speedometer quit all together & transmission went into limp mode.(stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear). I'm changing both sensors tonight to see if that takes care of it. Thanks for the info & great photos.
August 13, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Gary -

That sure sounds like a sensor issue. Please make sure to come back and let me know if changing the sensors fixes the problem.

August 13, 2009

Gary said:
Right on the money big guy!!!! All is good in Caravan land. It only took about 20 minutes to change both sensors from the top side.Clear the air box out of the way & you don't even need to remove the transmission lines next to the input sensor. Thanks again!!!! Gary
August 13, 2009

MADI said:
August 13, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Gary - awesome. Glad that fixed it for you. I'm really happy I stumbled upon this fix and am able to share that info with other folks.

MADI - I don't know anything about that vehicle. I just know my own, which is the Dodge Grand Caravan.

August 14, 2009

Ben said:
This information is right to the exact point... Thank you very much!

I appears this happens quite a bit to Dodge Caravans..

My wife called me from the intersate yesterday saying "the van just hit 120mph but i'm really not going that fast!" the needle then went back to 0. and stayed there. It droped into 2nd gear and stayed there also, Check engine light came on also. So this happening as you can imiagine stressed her out with two boys under 2&1/2 in the van.
She made it to her freinds and between them giving me the vans symptoms on the phone I managed to google them and come to this site, which is heaven sent!! I though the Transmission was going out..

After calling around a few O'Reilleys i picked up the the two speed sensors in and out. drove the hour to where her freind lives, poped the hood and replaced them in 45 mins, reset the computer by detaching the battery connections and touching them together. The van was instantly fixed wahhooo!! and I was the start of the day :o) :o)... Well actully your site was!. sshh.

Thanks very much!

August 20, 2009

Darlene said:
My van started lurching again. Twice right around 25 mph and twice at 68 mph with the cruise control on. HAAALP!! Any guesses?
September 13, 2009

Marc said:
Good morning all. I have a 91 caravan, 3.3l with 4 speed trans. Yesterday the wife calls and says it's broke. Made a noise then noticed fluid behind her (matter of 20' from what I seen when I went to look)she stopped the van right away and turned it off thinking it was rad or something. I have tranny fluid leaking out from between the bell housing and the engine. In park the van moves freely pushing on it so I was able to tow home. Now it wont turn over or start, just clicks. Seems something is stuck in tranny not allowing engine to turn but the free wheeling is throwing me off. Looking for ideas. I've always done my own repairs but never had to change a trans in front wheel drive mostly cause of the hoist needed. The engine and trans need to be removed from bottom correct? Is it possible to do from above with an engine hoist or ???
Any and all help is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

September 24, 2009

Ben said:
Marc you don't need to pull the engine ,either use a support bar from above im sure you can rent one ,or just use a jack at the bottom ,you do need to remove the driver side front mounting bolts,but thats it ,no need to take out the whole engine
September 24, 2009

Sveinung Molde said:
I have a 1998 Dodge Caravan with a 3.3 V6 and a 4 speed automatic transmission.There is a valve lifter type noice coming from the trans.In the beginning there was little noice and now the noice is irritating.Thought at first is was a bolt that had loosened from the converter but I don`t think so.I have had a computer read out and all was ok.Seems when I put the trans in reverse that the noice is less.This I think has something to do with oil pressure.The trans goes thru the gears fine but when I leave itin 3rd it lurches.So what do you all think ?
My email address is for those who wish to contact me directly. Regards,S.M.

October 24, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Sveinung -

No clue. Valve lifter noise from the transmission? I don't know anything about the guts of the transmissions on these things, but if you think you might be low on fluid, you can check that.

October 26, 2009

athena said:
I have a 97 dodge caravan, went to go out today got about 5 minutes down the highway, i turned on my cruise control and set at 110km a few seconds later my gas pedal "kicked" at me i looked and my speedometer was reading 0 and my service engine light had come on, so i turned back around just before i got into town the speedometer jumped to 100 then back to zero, i didn't loose power to anything, and she still felt smooth the speed itself didn't change....guys at the garage are scratching their this the speed sensor or something else? ty for your help :)
October 26, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
athena -

Everything you're describing is consistent with a failure to get a good signal from the output speed sensor. I'd say that you should replace your output speed sensor (might as well replace both of them, actually), and then check the connectors at the output speed sensor to make sure you've got a good connection on it.

October 26, 2009

athena said:
the guys at the garage are looking at it now, they called to tell me they didn't know how to resolve the issue and i should bring it to a hopefully they can fix it now, just getting the prices of the sensors now....thank you for your help and your website is a godsend!! Anything different in the diagnosis i;ll let ya know

October 26, 2009

Jesse said:
Thanks for this post! I am going to try this as soon as it stops raining. We just bought a used 2003 Caravan (base model), but the warranty period is up. We are getting some of these issues, like lurching, and erratic shifting. Should I disconnect the negative battery terminal before starting the procedure? Thanks!
November 11, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Jesse -

Regarding disconnecting the battery - I didn't, but I've heard folks mention resetting the error codes on the car by doing that. I never had those codes pop up, so I never *had* to do it. With the ignition off, you don't have any signal going to/from those sensors, so I don't believe it makes a difference if you have the battery connected or not.

November 11, 2009

Jesse said:
Thanks Jovial! I think I will try disconnecting the battery, as I have an engine light on, but we get no error codes from the scanning machines.
November 11, 2009

Greencricker said:
2000 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.8L, 4 spd., 166K miles, unknown if tranny fluid was ever service-we only had this a year and put 25K miles on it. Lots of good info here. My tranny did a weird one for us. Had the cruise set at 70 going down the interstate, when suddenly the tach pegged out, I dropped it to neutral, and pulled over to see if problems-nothing. Started again, and same thing, seemed to happen as soon as it shifted from 1st to 2nd now. Towed home and in the garage with the tranny pan off, I found about an 1/8" of metallic sludge on the magnet, looking like a porcupine, but no major chunks. Fluid was brownish/red, but not overly stinky. All kinds of fault codes, P0734/1/2, P1782, P0304 and P0700. I was told by one guy that the P0304 misfire could set off all the tranny codes. Has anyone else ran across this? I will update when fluid change is finished, but looking for other opinions/comments. Thanks!
November 13, 2009

DHELAL said:
Transmission for corned Dodge Caravan 2007 model does not work Hoieml 0 only on the speed and only one 0 Electricity 0 do not reach him what the problem is
November 27, 2009

dodgetohear said:
I have a 2001 Stratus with the A604. I was driving and with no noise or any warning the trans just stopped working.. In every gear its like its in neutral. could this be a sensor?
December 08, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
dodgetohear -

Not sure. I only know the symptoms described in the post.

December 08, 2009

Mike said:
Greetings, all. So glad to find this post, as my wife describes similar symptoms, and I'm just a shade-tree wrench, with simple tools and a simpler mind.... I'll try the sensor replacement & follow-up with the results.
December 13, 2009

Mike said:
As Gary said, "All is good in Caravan land!" Switched both sensors, and
My tranny shifts once again!

December 13, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Mike -

Glad it worked out for you!

Right now, I'm trying to trace down a wiring problem with the tail light. Even with new bulbs, the left tail light is still out, so I have to find out where the circuit is broken...

December 13, 2009

Mike said:
Uh-oh.... Bad news. Seems my round-the-block roud test failed to reveal a more persistant shifting problem that simply changing the input & output speed sensors didn't fix. Had a bout of intermittantly engaging, which was resolved with a fluid & filter change. Since then, tranny has been stuck in limp mode. Doing some internet research, and most of what I've found has scared me off of a tranny flush, and now I'm leaning toward a solenoid pack, still hopeful of a quick (read, "cheap") fix.
December 26, 2009

jovial_cynic said:
Mike -

What fascinating timing. I JUST swapped out my solenoid pack which solved a new problem that popped up. I bought a Dodge part for $240, but you can probably pick one up at an Autozone for $170. I went with the Dodge part, because I learned that Dodge is now on their THIRD version of that solenoid pack due to leaks and faults within it, and I have no way of determining if the Autozone product is the most recent version of the part.

I should have a blog post on this repair in a day or so. :)

December 26, 2009

Tom said:
I have 02 dodge caravan running great it started to leak tran fulid took it to the local shop that stated it was a vavle pack and he can't fix it told me to go to a dealer.
I hate going to a dealer ,Call a tranmission place a few towns away told me it my be trans solenoid pack .

January 05, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Tom -

Here's the write-up on the solenoid pack:

January 05, 2010

Cory said:
I don't have a van but a dodge pick-up, i have not running tail light, but brake and signal light on the left, It works when i hook up to a trailer, having no garage i haven't check for sure but i think the faulty wire is right a where the trailer harness meets the main tail lights wire, if your wired for a trailer i would check there hope that helps you.

January 18, 2010

Luis Vargas said:
Hi. Jovial, Very good info i may add, I been doing also some research on my 2003 3.3L fwd with 151,000 grand caravan. i have also a clunk by down shifting but from 3rd to second. maybe this sensor input output, are to blame, will replace and see. thanks for posting this helpful info,, Luis
March 11, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Luis -

Thanks! Glad you found the post helpful. Be sure to also check out my second transmission post.

March 12, 2010

Steve said:
Thank you for posting this information. I found this post after my speedometer stopped working, the check engine light came on, and the van was stuck in 2nd gear. I replaced the output speed sensor and went on a test drive. So far the problem seems to be resolved. Thank you again.
March 23, 2010

dominick said:
how do i git the transmission out and do i have to pull the axles off and how would i do that?
March 30, 2010

dominick said:
97 dodge caravan se 3.3
March 30, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
dominick -

You'll need to pick up a manual for your vehicle; I don't have any experience pulling transmissions off of Dodge Caravans. Why do you want to pull the transmission? The whole point of my post was that you *don't have to* pull the transmission to repair the common transmission issues.

March 30, 2010

dominick said:
ok i will pick the manual up but i think i have a crack in my transmission case its leaking realing bad from the front seal. a person changed it once but i dont know if he mite of crushed it or what so im taking the transmission out to inspect it to make sure its not cracked and see where it is leaking from thanks.
March 30, 2010

this is my failure on my 98 g. caravan 3.3l... the ac and rear wiper lights are flashing to... i think maybe it's gonna be the solenoid... but not sure...

April 06, 2010

sporty said:
I have a 00 dodge caravan with a 3.3L and I don't have the proper dipstick for my transmission. I just dropped the trans. pan, changed the filter & gasket, but now I need to know how many quarts of trans. Fluid to add
April 10, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
sporty -

You should probably pick up a manual for fluid capacities. I don't know off the top of my head.

April 11, 2010

chris said:
i have a 2002 grand caravan when you start the engine and put it into gear it doesnt move its like its in park wont roll in any gear.shut off the engine and it will roll.turn the engine on when rolling in neutral it stops the think its the shift pack? thanks
April 14, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
chris -

No clue! That doesn't sound like a problem that I've encountered. It does, however, sound like something a seized-up solenoid pack (shift pack, as you call it) could cause. Is the check-engine light on? If so, run a scan tool on it and see what it gives you. The solenoid pack should kick back an error message if it's not behaving properly...

April 14, 2010

chris said:
i unpluged the solenoid pack and it moved doesnt go into reverse going to replace it to day.
April 15, 2010

klaas vanden beld said:
Thank you for the info, I had trouble with the shifting[2000 dodge gr. caravan 3.8 ltr., 4 speed auto.] with the help of your pics , it was easy to put 2 new speed sensors in. This turned off the check engine light and made the van run perfect again.With the only expense the cost of the sensors.Thank you.
April 22, 2010

Charlie said:
Hello, the dealer told me that i have to change the solenoid pack but it is to much money with them. I know a little about cars, do u think that i can do it myself, where can i find out the steps?
April 29, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Charlie -

In fact, I wrote about replacing the solenoid pack on this post. Take a look there for instructions on how to do it.

April 29, 2010

kenny said:
Hi Jovial , I have 2000 grand caravan , 3.0 ,154000 miles, have shifting problem 2nd and 4th gear ,sometime drive ok for few miles and then go back again with the shifting problem.
something when i drive for 1 to 2 miles ,i turn off and start again and i shift to drive, the van turns off by itself,and also running maybe like 25 to 30 miles when push brakes,the van turn off.

May 17, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
kenny -

Sounds like a solenoid pack, but you'll want to stop by an auto store (autozone, schucks, etc.) and run a scan-tool on it to see what's going on.

Did a check-engine light come on?

May 17, 2010

Harlan said:
does anyone know if a 94 transmission from a 3.0 4 speed will fit a 91 3.0 4 speed.........the book says no but one guy said the only difference is the electronic speedomiter there any way to swap this issue?
May 22, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Harlan -

Not sure... but if the book says no, I'd venture that the answer is no. The correct electronic speedometer (which feeds the output speed sensor) is necessary for the cruise control, and possibly a bunch of other speed-related functions.

May 22, 2010

DENNY said:
May 22, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Denny -

You mean the fluid lines? Not sure off the top of my head, but if you're just trying to make sure that you're putting the right hose on the right nipple, the picture in my post should help. The straight hose goes on the left, and the hose with a bend in it goes on the right...

May 22, 2010

Jared said:
Thanks a ton for this post.....
My 2000 caravan wasn't shifting. The speedometer wasn't working either. I read this post and then changed out both speed sensors.The output sensor had some gunk on it. After I put it back together, I took it for a drive. The van is now shifting, but the speedometer, gas gage, and thermostat in the dash or not working. Any ideas?

May 29, 2010

Lea said:
Driving down the road and van sounded like it came out of gear. No forward no reverse. Fluid was low put some in (for dodge caravan) Started van back up. Had drive and no reverse. Could drive only 8 miles an hour but get to 9 it goes out again. Made it home. Dropped pan and fluid did not look bad there was some metal particles on magnet. Took cable off battery to reset also. Van was bought used and has given us no problems till now (2yrs. later). Just don't want to believe it has to have a new or rebuilt transmission. Is there any ideas before we have to go to new transmission or another vehicle. No check engine light is coming on. Is there a sequence of things to check before replacing trans. Solenoid pk was checked and cleaned.
May 29, 2010

Lea said:
Changed input and output Sensor and still no reverse any ideas.
June 01, 2010

Javier said:

I tried the sensors after I saw your post, my 2000 grand caravan 3.3 started giving me trany problems I shift it in to gear I have to rev the engine before it shifts gears and I could hear it shift any ideas ?

June 01, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Lea - if the solenoid pack isn't throwing errors, and switching out the sensors doesn't fix it, I'm not sure what to tell you. Switching those out is the only thing I've done with my van, and I've had no issues.

Javier - Not sure there. Like I said to Lea, speed sensors and solenoid packs are all I know.

Hopefully you all are changing out your transmission fluid at the right times...

June 02, 2010

Kenny said:
Hi Jovial , I wrote you like 2 weeks ago about the transmission gear. You told me that sound like selenoid pack,you was right i changed it and now the van run perfectly. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SAVE ME , AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.
June 02, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Kenny -

Glad it worked out for you!

June 02, 2010

senai said:
i was looking for the trans info and i stumble on this site. Jovial-cynic your diy info is great. i have 1995 voyager 3.3 with 4 speed auto transmission. the van is stuck in limp mode and there is no code or check engine light and i tried to test the sensors by disconnecting and and connecting and the out put speed sensor works but not sure about the input and i see some wetness around the solonoid pack connectors area and cleaned and tried but no change. is there any scan tool to read the transmission? i don't have OBD II plug in my van (its 1995 model). auto zone have 1996 and above. any idea? thanks
June 05, 2010

senai said:
by the way i have the same transmission like yours.
June 05, 2010

TheDude said:
Excellent blog :-)

I have a Dodge Caravan (made in 2000), It was given to me with 175,000K on it. I drove it for a week then...

It stuck in 2nd gear so, i read your blog then brought it to a transmission shop. They said it was the selenoid pack and replaced for 300$canadain.

Two weeks later, stuck in 2nd gear again, brought it to the transmisison shop, they kept it several days for testing. Told me it was the Transmission Control Module (TCM) this time $385+labour = too expensive for me.

Though, they said i could keep driving it in second gear so long as i keep the rpm under 3,000 which makes for a speed of 40-60kmph - true/false? How do i handle a van thats stuck in 2nd gear? comments?


ps: they assured me the selenoid pack they had replaced initially needed to be replaced .. that it was visibly burnt out and tested negative with their testing-equipment. They run a clean shop, with friendly service and a good reputation so i tend to beleive them.

June 07, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
senai -

I'm not sure... but if there is wetness around the solenoid pack, you may want to consider swapping it out.

TheDude -

Being stuck in 2nd gear means it's in limp mode, and in my case, that was directly associated with the bad solenoid pack. I haven't replaced the TCM in mine - have you checked to see if you can get the part cheaper than what your auto shop is charging?

June 08, 2010

TheDude said:
I'll think about replacing the TCM myself, i need to do more research.

But whats your opinion on me driving the van while its stuck in 2nd gear (slip mode)? Could i possibly do more damage?


June 09, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
TheDude -

Driving in 2nd gear isn't going to hurt the engine or transmission. It's going to be terribly annoying, though, and if you run the RPMs too high, THAT will stress your engine out.

June 09, 2010

TheDude said:
There are a lot of places that sell "new" refurbished TCMs in the US for about $150us + shipping to canada + taxes = dunno if i save a lot.

i Read that TCMs need to be programmed or flashed with my cars VIN and odometer before it can be used?? but it sounds like there is a procedure to follow after you physically install the tcm under the hood. SO, if i find legitamit instructions on what to do, then i may try it. otherwise i dont wanna play around and risk frying a new tcm.

June 10, 2010

Don said:
Hello and thanks for the information about the input and output speed sensors. I had the same problem with 2000 plymouth voyager, limp mode and speedometer not working, changed both sensors, cost $18 each, and the van is back to normal.
Thank you very much.

June 14, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Don -

Great! Glad it helped.

June 14, 2010

Brian said:
I have an interesting problem. I have an 03 Stratus that drives perfect! I was driving down the highway about a month ago and the check engine light came on. The car was running perfect and seemed to shift normally. When we hooked it up to a scan tool, it had a P0740 series code (i can't remember the exact number maybe a 0742). Anyway, it said that the torque converter was failing to lockup. Like I said, the trans shift normally and my fuel economy is the same as always. The problem is that the code keeps coming back after we reset it. Any ideas?
June 15, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Brian -

Sorry - I have no clue about the Dodge Stratus.

June 18, 2010

Harry D said:
brian that is related to the overdrive solenoid in the trans for the converter to lock up in overdrive, the computer is sensing its having a problem and maybe on its way out. it can have a shuttering affect if it gets to bad cause its try to lock up the converter but isnt strong enough from wear and tear like any other electric solenoid. Ram 1500 have a common problem with them.
June 19, 2010

Harry said:
Jovial, great post, youve helped a few people out here. friend of mine is starting to have same prob. with his 99 caravan being stuck in 2nd gear. he replaced the solenoid pak and now it shifts but intermittently goes back to being stuck in 2nd. if he turns it off and restarts it works ok. told him to do the speed sensors will post his outcome.
June 19, 2010

TheDude said:

Harry with the 99 caravan - sounds like your friend is having the same problems as me. let me know what he/she is doing about it.

My van started to work again for about a week.. but then it went back into "limp mode" (2nd gear). So i decided to remove the TCM to have a look at it & find the part number.

The TCM was very easy to remove, took less then 5 mins... step 1) disconnect the battery's negative terminal. step 2) unscrew the connector leading out of the TCM to the rest of the engine. step 3) remove 3 screws holding the TCM in place. done.

For the record the part number of the TCM from my 2000 dodge caravan is P04686952AF. The TCM is a simple looking circuit board encased in metal. I thought id be able to see if any microchips, or resistors were burnt and resolder them, but the entire circuit board was coated with one inch thick clear gel :-(

Im going to another transmission shop for advice & maybe a "new" (refurbished) TCM.

June 21, 2010

RonT said:
Hey J This is great stuff thanks. I have a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport 3.3L. I was having a similar problem when coming to a stop about 18 months ago in Drive/overdrive but not in 3rd. It went away or so I thought..I then needed to replace the transmission 1 yr ago. I got it rebuilt lots of $$ then about 2wks after it again when coming to a stop in drive it would "thunk" down a gear. Back to the shop...they FLASHED the TCM..and bingo it worked fine till today...same senario...and the shop REFLASHED and said the transmission was great. If it happened again that the TCM needed to be replaced. Btw this was a no charge the guys were great..helps when my bil is a mechanic and know the shop. He does not do trannys

Ok well my question is could it be the input and output sensors?

And/or the TCM?
Should I just replace both and if I do should I get the wire repair kit for the input and output sensors?

If it needs to be fixed then my opinion is to do it right. often should you change your transmission fluid? I get mixed opinions.

I change our oil every 5000 km.
Thanks again for such detailed blog.

June 28, 2010

David said:
MY 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan the speedmeter, RPM, gas stop working, and the light that have the number of miles and P N D L shit in the panel went blank!!! But my transmision is shifting fine. It could the speed sensor too... help
June 30, 2010

Joe M said:
Again, thank you so much, I have a way better feeling for my outcome than I previously have been led to believe.
Wish me well.

July 04, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
David - the light going out makes me think that it's a different issue related to an electrical connection. I'm not sure what to tell you about that.

Joe - glad this information has been helpful!

July 04, 2010

David Ballentine said:
fault po700,tcm fault po750 lr solenoid circuit.po740 tcc control circuit performed computer test for faults trans is in limp mode and stuck in second gear what do i do now
July 28, 2010

scott said:
van lurches hard from 2nd to 1st gear when slowing down, but no problem with speedometer acting up. is this still the same problem? also, is sensor location same on 2000 caravan as your diagram?
August 02, 2010

tommy said:
I was just wondering if you knew if this would be the same for a Chrysler Town & Country van. I have a 1999 and it did the same thing.....going down the road cant get out of 2nd gear speedometer quit. Now it also shifts hard when put in gear (it didnt do that before this happened). I could really use ANY advice because I do not have the money for a new transmission. Thanks!
August 13, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
tommy - yup. Same transmission.
August 14, 2010

Burce said:
Could cruise not working be anything other then replacing these 2 sensors? I do not have lurking or speedometer issues. Cruise just does not work.
August 15, 2010

Lora said:
I have a 1992 Dodge caravan. The transmission will work but after about a half hour it will just stop shifting. When It first started doing this the van would overheat as well so my husband changed the radiator (which had a hole in it) but it did not fix the problem. Any ideas what could be wrong?
August 16, 2010

tommy said:
I just wanted to let you know that it worked for my town & country van. Thanks so much!!!! I thought that I was going to have to get a new transmission till I came across this website. I like that it was very detailed (the pictures helped alot). Thanks again!
August 20, 2010

Jim Dreano said:
I want to thank You for the detailed, comprehensive analysis, including the diagrams, photos, and tips to perform the removal/installation of these sensors. Your data is a Godsend ! All other info (even "Factory"/"Qualified" sources were at best sketchy, and often misleading. I wish I could have had You, as a Technical Writer, on my Team at the Naval Base !
Thanks again,

August 22, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Tommy and Jim Dreano -

Great! Glad it worked out for you guys.

Incidentally, I once thought about a career as a technical writer.

August 22, 2010

Mpofu said:
I have a Dodge 1998.Its fot the Engine light on, and the code coming out is P701.Travelling at 50 Miles the rpm is above 3,500, and it seems to be stuck on gear 3 , could this be an issue of the Speed sensors as well, please help guys , cant afford a Transmission rebuild.
August 22, 2010

Kent Starcher said:
Hi Jovial
I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan it lock in second gear mode my speedometer was ok
and I replace the input sensor and it was allright and I can drive it for about 4 miles and it lock up back in second gear I found out it have these codes 0700, 0733, 0732,0736 Can any one help

August 24, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Mpofu and Kent - I don't know the fault codes by memory; you may want to call the Dodge dealership and ask what those fault codes indicate.
August 25, 2010

bill higgs said:
my 98 grand voyageur is throwing p0740 codes, although its shifting fine and lcking up normally, any idea what I should try?


August 25, 2010

brky76 said:
i have 96 gr caravan it shudders in reverse and seems to be in 2 nd from take off,it shifts to 3rd most of the time,the rpm's bounce at stop lights when brake is applied and stalls sometimes. speed sensors?
August 25, 2010

Amie said:
I have a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. The check engine light just came on. My husband checked all fluids and they are fine. The van rides smoothly for the most part but we just noticed the carpet is damp on the passenger side. It isn't damp where the glove box extends down though. The dampness continues along the door passed the seat. I don't know if this is what's triggering the check engine light or if it a completely different problem? I'm open to any help or suggestions as I don't have the money right now to put the van in the shop. Thank You for any help!
August 26, 2010

greg said:
on my 1998 town and country what would cause the speedometer to stop working and the engine revving to 4k to go 55 mph along with the p n r d 2 1 indicators on the dash to all have circals around each of the p n r d 2 1 indicators so you can't tell which gear is indicated and the service engine soon is illuminated too. i did a trip reset code check i got a code 905 and 999 and ck1 ck2 ck4 no errors - thanks
September 02, 2010

jim strozewski said:
2000 grand caravan...tranny went into limp mode second gear only forward...reverse was fine.turn the ign off and and restart, tranny works fine for about 10 mile then shifts to limp mode 2nd gear. Mechanic replaced the solonoid shift pack. Shifts great now but no reverse or very little reverse...
September 04, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
brky76 - Sounds like speed sensors

Amie - Not sure. You have to identify the liquid causing the dampness. Also, if the check engine light came on, run to an Auzo Zone or similar shop and have them run a tester on the engine to see what signals it is throwing.

greg - no clue!

jim - no clue there either.

September 05, 2010

dan delcoure said:
got a problem with my 97 caravan the transmission goes into nutral at a certain speed and also drops into second gear and stays tell i pull over and kill the motor and start over again
September 05, 2010

nathan tice said:

i replaced both speed sensors and the problem was fixed thanks so much this saved me the hassle of going to a shop that would have tried to charge me out the A@# . the problem was as easy as described so thankful

September 11, 2010

phatvol said:
my 2000 grand caravan sport is acting will downshift when slowing and go to 2nd gear....limp mode ?? wont shift out of 2nd till it sits for a while speedometer works fine maybe tcm or speed sensors. recently did service fluid was dirty and smelly thanks
September 11, 2010

Albert L La Mirada CA said:
Quick fix for stuck in first gear and erratic speedometer was to remove air filter box and with a 1 inch normal socket(not deep) remove output speed sensor and clean small amount of metal dust muck stuck on the magnet end.
The vehicle had over 120,000 miles without ever a trans oil change.
This tells me it is possible all computer controlled transmissions could have this happen.
Also look for less than firm wires going into the cap.
If they feel weak as if some of the strands of copper may be broken under the insulation... they may be; and need to be fixed. $20 and 2 day wait from a dealership ... or junkyard for 88-04 various chryslers. I took mine apart and ground down the plastic for access and used epoxy to hold it back together ... much stronger than new!
Trouble codes 731 and 720 were not helpful and stopped after fix and undoing the battery to clear the codes. I did not bother with input sensor as may have been irrelevant.
Have to wonder how many sensors could have just been cleaned off and not replaced.
Guess nowadays it does make a difference to change the auto tranny oil. (friends vehicle)

September 12, 2010

Christopher Taylor said:
Your info was right on target. This was my first major "under-the-hood" repair and your picts and diagram made it easy.It took me less than two hours-including gathering the necessary equipment and supplies to complete the job-in my own driveway on my day off. It only cost me $44.68(16.99 per sensor, 7.49 for the 1" deep socket, and 3.21 for state taxes)and a VERY small portion of my afternoon. I'd say that I came out on top...what about you?! Thanks for the post. You have saved me a heap of time and money which can be put towards more important matters such as my wife and children! Add your name to the list of important persons whom have made a difference. Thanks again!
September 13, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Christopher - thanks for the feedback. Glad I could help.
September 13, 2010

Kent Starcher said:
I have my van on the road again, I replace both senors and didn't help
so I start checking the wires I found one wire that go to the output senor was bad so replace but didn't help to much some one told me to replace the oil and filter in the transmission so I did the bottom of the pan it was a mess
took a long time to clean it, I oil in it and new filter and it work. you only can put 4 3/8 quart to fill it up there will some old oil in it, so going to drive it a little while and drain some more oil out but leave the filter it it
might get some of the old oil out.

September 20, 2010

haileymon said:
Thanks for the great write-up and pics. My wife's 99 Caravan had the P0500,0700,0720,0731 codes. No speedo, limp mode. Armed with your article and pics and the Dodge Forums, I got both speed sensors at AutoZone for $17 each. Replaced them both tonight in 35 minutes. Viola! Spousal Unit is back on the road in her beloved mini-van and I'm having a celebratory DogFishHead 60 Minute IPA.
I think, though, I will have someone do the flushNfill for me as the Output Sensor's magnetic tip was bristling with metal shards (It may have been good and just magnetically clogged up.).
That makes me a bit nervous but it shifts like silk, no Check Engine light and the speedo works again.
Thanks again. ...bob...

September 22, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Kent & haileymon

Glad that things are working!

September 23, 2010

charlie said:
1997 dodge Caravan 3.3 motor.. just changed trasnsmission. Drove for 12 miles, now trans chatters in drie, and no reverse.

Give me an idea.....please.

Transmission was not rebuilt, but came out of salvage vehicle.

September 27, 2010

Randy said:
Your pic on the VSS for 99 grand voyager saved me a ton of headaches and $$$ for my girlfriend who simply could not afford the high cost of todays auto repair shops... Thank you, thank you, thank you!
October 02, 2010

Rich said:
Great info - changed both speed sensors and van ran great for two days. But now - sometimes the van will not start - good battery and fuses. If you turn key halfway, shift out of park, then back into park, van usually starts. May take a few times. Could this be the neutral safety switch? Thanks!
October 04, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Randy - great! Glad it worked out for you.

Rich - no clue. Sounds like the ignition mechanism doesn't believe the car is in park or neutral, so you might have a shift-linkage issue, a switch issue, transmission issue, etc., etc.

You mentioned it not starting in Park on the first try. Will it start in Neutral?

October 05, 2010

Rich said:
Sometimes it will - other times it won't. After several tries over a few minutes, the van will start.
October 05, 2010

Raging@transmission said:
I'm having the same problem as Lea. I start my van no reverse can go about 8.5 mph but anything more than that trany goes completely out. Fluid fine. Was just going down the road van started jerking and then nothing. Did anyone ever figure this out mechanic wants 2,400 to "rebuild" If it is a simple fix I want to make him "rebuild" his shop
October 11, 2010

Pierre said:
I had the limp mode, but speedo still working fine. Changed both regardless (output had sludge build up on tip) and she's running smooth once again! Thanks so much for the info saved me boucoup time and $
October 13, 2010

oscard said:
Thanks for the information. I was really looking for an article about this Dodge Caravan since I want to purchase the 2011 version.


October 14, 2010

Reinaldo said:
Wow! You're pretty amazing. You figured out that the problem is the sensor out of that speedometer issue. Honestly I haven't encountered any problems like this before but I thank you for the information you shared. I think you only needed to upgrade some accessories and GPS for safety and entertainment. Dodge transmission is the only problem and you resolved it. If you still needed this kind of transmission, you may see this Dodge Caravan parts list.
October 14, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Reinaldo -

Thanks. It looks like a lot of people appreciate this information, so I could make it available.

October 15, 2010

Steve said:
1995 Dodge Caravan 3.0L / OBD I. On a trip from Northern Virginia to San Diego, CA. Got as far as Phoenix, Arizona.
Driving at about 65mph, car went into neutral. Pulled off the side, restarted, OK in limp mode (2nd) and reverse. Did notice before issue that the cruise had issues setting at speeds. Fluid not burned and looks nice and pink.
Towed to AAMCO/Peoria,AZ. Owner a very nice guy. If they do not suggest, I will ask them to replace both sensors, wiring update and the solenoid pack with hopes of that taking care of my issues. I had my own Mercedes/BMW shop for over 25 years -- stuck in a hotel w/out wheels. Will update - Great post Jovial cynic. Thanks.

October 17, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Steve -

The cruise issue makes me think that it's the sensors, and not the solenoid, but if you can afford to replace both the sensors and the solenoid, go for it. The vehicle is old enough to need to have those parts replaced now, for sure.

Good luck! I hope you swing back to let me know how it turned out.

October 17, 2010

cora said:
i have 03 caravan.replaced the wiring harness,front modular and the gauges don't work or the number and the mirrors and passengers window what could be the problem?any ideas?fuses and wiring seem ok.
October 18, 2010

Phil said:
I would like to thank you for the useful information you provide on your web site to fix the problems with the transmission in the Dodge Caravans .I change both transmission speed sensor, and now the speedometer is reading and the van is running OK . If we should have more people like you, we would live in a better world. God bless you and thank again.

October 18, 2010

david said:
1997 plymouth grand voyager bought from my company for $100.00 replaced fluid both speed sensors getting codes 0733/0700 is it time for a tcm or selinoid or even a tranny any ideas
October 23, 2010

anthony said:
is it possible to put a 2000 dodge caravan trans in a 1999 town & country??
October 26, 2010

Jean Guy LaMonteigne said:
Excellent RESEARCH and the PICTURES are the proper-way to explain it. Thanks for circling in RED there location. I will be calling an AUTO-PARTS dealer to order the SENSORS. 2001 DODGE CARAVAN SE AUTOMATIC 186,751 KM
November 11, 2010

steven said:
I have a 2000 Dodge Caravan.
It seems to be stuck in 2nd gear,also,speedometer stays at 0...
I am going to change the i/p & o/p sensors,just wondering when i take them out is there going to be any transmission fluid leaking out?

November 14, 2010

Rob said:
I found this pdf doc online. It is a good manual for the caravan transmission. A very good read.

December 18, 2010

Andrew said:
Thank you for this. It was an easy fix to remove the 2 sensors, and fixed the problem. Instead of a 1500 transmission replacement parts cost 34.00, and now is running like new.
January 08, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
Andrew - great! I'm glad I could save you $1466! If you ever feel like sharing that savings back, feel free! :)

January 08, 2011

cortney said:
My speedometer is jumping and when I have to stop at red lights the van starts jerking forward a little bit. I also have the check engine light on. Also when I am at the red light the speedometer sits at about 20mph. Do you think I could also be experiencing the problems with the sensors as well?
January 15, 2011

Crystal said:
I am having the same jerk as many of the others as my 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport downshifts to a stop. I also feel a a slight increase of speed while using cruise control. Once while speeding up on the highway my RPMs went whack but the speed was increasing fine (no trans slip) and it was very brief and not reacurring so I was confused. Also when it is extremly cold if I don't let van warm up enough it will reverse out of parking spot but doesnt want to shift into drive until warm, this only happen on extremely cold days and only on the first start of the that day when the van is cold. Well I have been reading all post and am pretty sure that the input/output sensors need replaced but do I need to service the tranny since I bought this used and have no idea about prior tranny service. And do you have any advice on the cold start situation. My dad said just warm up the van and so far that has worked but is this the beginning of a probelem that needs to be addressed soon? I am having it looked at by my mechanic tommorrow and he will chane the sensors and I will report results, thanks Jovial Cynic you really seem know your stuff:)
January 18, 2011

brad said:
i am having the same problem with my 2001 dodge grand caravan it stays in one gear and the boxes stay on around the gear letters on the dash the code said it was the speed sensor and replace both and it still doing it and ideas would be appreciated
January 25, 2011

MARIA said:
January 26, 2011

jay said:
hi have a 2000 with 3.0 4 speed trany came to a stop at a light went to go and nothing got it to creep in to a parking lot called a buddy with trailer sat for about 30 min started up drove on the trailer and off once home will move forward and reverse when cold but when warms up some times will go into reverse better then forward if rev up it may go but not solid i replaced the sensors nothing thinking the tranny is shot whats every one think thank you
February 01, 2011

anthony said:
hey i need a transmission for a 2000 dodge grand caravan for cheap. if anyone knows where to get one please contact me at 408 625-9231 i live in san jose.thank you
February 12, 2011

richie rich said:
Sorry i First posted this to the other website. my problems may be closer to these except for the speedo problem. original post: this looks like a great post for me. I'm getting the p700, p0734 and p0732 codes with the engine light on also a code p1788. I had the selenoid pack leak but no problems other than when the tranny slipped from being low, (according to my wife). I tookk the pack apart and used gasget material to replace the gaskget. doesn;t leak but when i test drove it, it the engine light come on and its stuck in limp. any thoughts there
February 21, 2011

Rudy said:
Hi everyone,
All the postings in regards to the transmissions about these minivans are are related to electronic issues on them. I bought an 01 Grand Caravan ES with the autostick on the transmission gear selector last year, say in Feb. 2010. It messed up from the solenoid pack and replaced all the input sensors, and solenoid as well back in September of 2010. Something that caugth my attention is that when the mechanic did all this work on it, stated that while removing the pan a lots of metal shavings and particles were picked up by the magnet. Another thing was that in one of the input/ or output speed sensors there were also metal particles sorounding it. He told me to be aware that maybe the transmission might not last for a long time. In December the transmission started messing up, up to the point where no gears would rev in only the reverse gear and later found out that it was a bad torque converter. Fortunately I had extra money saved and replaced the transmission. Now, after the replacement the mechanic said that he reprogramed the transmission but one thing that I have in doubt, which I hope it is not the culprit in the future, if the TCM(transmission control module) has problems should the check engine light come on or no? I just wanted to make sure about this.

February 21, 2011

Huss said:
Close too 200k miles, I junked a 95 caravan after 2.5L motor went bad. Motor txm had been replaced at different times, from a junk Neon. I had picked up the mot+tranmission pair for $300 thru friends.
Then wife -against my consent- bought a 2k Caravan sports in 2006, 3.3L. She hadn't noticed the heating core leak, so the first week it cost $600 to fix. Spare tire security lock I put a pull cord to, after reading the horror -face stitch- stories. R-gate lock, pass. window motor problems. Radiator plastics cracked due to lower hose slow leak. Lost horn. Lost cruise control. Lost airbag. Dealer wants me to trust him $120 to diagnose that it is spider coil problem. OBD II test shows no codes. Pass. This will be the third replacement of spider coil, under lifetime warranty except diag fee risk.
Than transmission went into limp mode. The mechanic says he caught a busted wire and blames the guys who fixed the heater coil (they had opened and put back everything under and over the dash. Charged $250 bless him. Same problem after 2 years. Txm in limp mode. Intermittent problem. Dials takometer and speedemeter play dead, come back. Check Engine light intermittent. Txm gets out of limp check engine light goes off. All OK. Until the next start.. Mechanic changed sensors. Speedometer stuck at 8 mph, in park or stopped. In short, 2 days ago in town, It started a shake and I pulled right. Funny smell, added a touch of atf4, although it was at the correct level. The gears R/D engage but no movement. Paid to tow to my drive way. I do not want to go through the same routine. At the same time I want to experiment. DIY Txm repair kit? Am I missing anything? 130k now. Is it worth the effort?

February 21, 2011

Rudy said:
I barely found out the location of the transmission control module or TCM on our 2001 Grand Caravan ES. It is in the front left bumper location, behind the front cover of the front left tire. I don't know but these trucks seem so delicate and fully electronic.
February 21, 2011

Parking Sensors said:
Your comment is really informative.
February 26, 2011

James said:
I have a 98 Caravan 3.0. 4 speed auto. When the van is put into drive it lurches a few times before smoothing out. There is also a very faint grinding noise coming from underneath when shifting in and out of reverse and drive. There are no speedometer problems and it is not in limp mode. It runs great except for the noise and the lurching. The van runs good after the initial lurch.It has been leaking fluid recently.
March 03, 2011

Big E said:
Hello Jovial, my 98 Grand caravan suddendly makes only 10mph, reverse dont work. You think changing the input and output sensors, then maybe the the selonial pack might help ? Do they help fix reverse problems as well ? What do you think..... Anybody with similar and solve problem ?
March 24, 2011

Big E said:
Guys, this is what you do in case you have flashing control panel lights on the dashboard of the Dodge caravan...
Ok. I have been wondering how to get the same lights to stop flashing for over a year now. I seen this post and read the answer. I immediatly went out and tried it and it re-calibrated the AC so quick I was shocked.
1.Start your van. (if you are unsure what knob or lever is which I am looking in the manual for proper terms)
2.Then slide your temp lever all the way to the right (full cold).
3. Then turn the Mode Control to 'panel' (the one that sends air to your face only).
4.Then turn the 'blower switch' to all the way to full.
5.Go the leftmost three buttons. Press the top one (rear wiper on constant) and the bottom one (rear wiper washer fluid).
6. Hold these two for a few seconds. Once the lights come on solid then begin to flash you can let go. The AC will now calibrate. You will feel the air blow out of all the different zones at different intervals and see lights come on and go off.
7.Then after a minute or two the top bottn you pressed will be slowly flashing. This means it has been completed (I actually let it run for 5 more minutes just in case something else started blinking).
8.Press the last flashing button and you are done.
9.Then turned off the van and started it back up and now I don't have those infernal blinking lights for the first fifteen minutes of my drives. Thank you to whoever it was who posted the initial answer to this problem.

March 24, 2011

wendiann24 said:
2000 Grand Caravan 3.8L, 150K miles. Lost tranny, just had it rebuilt and now after a few days of no problems, the van stalls out when in any gear. Park and neutral are fine. The engine light is now on. Regular mechanic hooked up to computer and it says that the tranny has problems with 2 and 4. He reset the van and lo and behold the same problems popped up. Tranny mechanic says that transmission wouldn't cause engine to stall. Reg mechanic says it is the tranny. Who do I believe? Tranny mechanic drove van around a few blocks, no problems, but still took it back to the shop. I hope it stalls out on him like it did with me. Will the tranny cause the engine to stall? Especially while in gear.
Thanks for all comments.


March 31, 2011

Bob said:
Thanks for this info. I took my 2007 Grand Caravan SXT to the dealership with 133,000 KM on it and same speedometer and rough shift complaints and was advised the Overdrive clutches have less than 2% left and a rebuild is the only option. (Cost? Over 4,000.00) When I read your article, I bough the two sensors and replaced them myself. On the 2007, you can access the one sensor by just removing one of the transmission lines and the second sensor can be reached through the drivers side wheel well by moving the wiring harness. The one sensor came out clean, but the second was covered in metal filings. Van now runs great with smooth shifts. Thanks again!
April 25, 2011

Larry said:
You have helped another person. 1996 Grand Caravan with same problems. Speedo erratic, traqnny slippling between 2 and 3 and hard downshift right before completely stopped. Replaced both input and output sensors. Fixed 100%. I have a desk job so I needed your pictures, diagrams, tool list to help me. A big thank you
May 12, 2011

Jeff said:
I have a 2000 Caravan 3.0 litre and 4 speed automatic. I noticed that my gear selector PRND3L has the box lit as the gear position I have selected. The issue is all gear positions selected box lights are lit up. The van is stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear and the check engine light is on...when I shut it down...disconnect the battery to clear engine codes...It runs fine until I need to position the van into reverse...then it goes into chaos like I mentioned...does anybody know what is wrong? Before I run out and buy a solenoid pack.
May 15, 2011

Jeff said:
my 2000 Caravan went for the worse. No speedometer. Now was able to combined the 2 problems into one. I checked the power pin 56 to the TCM. Checked out fine. Then checked the power pin 11 to the TCM. Found the problem...I shooked the wiring harness...test light came on and off...explains the chaos. I replaced the wire to pin 11...Solved the problem. Cost me only for wire...solder and tape...less than 10 bucks and my time. Ya Hoo!!! Thanks everybody for your tips!!!
May 27, 2011

Jim said:
my 2003 caravan wont go into park or neutral on the gear selector;van wont start...any ideas?
May 30, 2011

Jim said:
when i turn the key to on(like im getting ready to start the vehicle) and run the shifter from park down to low..the only ones that dont light up on the instrument panel is park and neutral
May 30, 2011

jose said:
need to connect wire harness. my van is 1997 dodge caravan and the junk yard guy said that i would be able to put a 1999 dodge caravan transmission but wire are different waqnt to know if it even posible to connect it n how to match the wire to connect them.
June 09, 2011

jose said:
need to connect wire harness. my van is 1997 dodge caravan and the junk yard guy said that i would be able to put a 1999 dodge caravan transmission but wire are different want to know if it even possible to connect it n how to match the wire to connect them correctly. help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! thank you!!!

June 09, 2011

Mark said:
Hi, my 2000 grand Caravan had the trans rebuilt last spring but for the last few months it has been shuddering during acceleration between 60 & 80 Kph. It also on occasion will lurch when coming to a stop. I don't know if the input/output sensors were replaced when trans was rebuilt.

Any info would help a lot.

June 12, 2011

Carolynne said:
just a quick question after reading all this I have ordered my 2 sensors...just wondering how many wires go into each sensor my input has 2 and the output only has 1 is that right??
June 16, 2011

Twila said:
Just a quick question after reading all of this had already changed out the Output Speed Sensor and still no change still in limp mode, CEL, P0500 and the little boxes around P R N D 3 L. 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan 150905 miles well a little more than that cuz that is not working either. Van drives fine just wont get out of Limp mode. Gonna change out the Input speed sensor this weekend. Is there something I need to do to reset the computer besides disconnecting the battery for a bit? Thanks so much for your detailed info on your site. As our Haynes Repair Manual is not this detailed and only tells you the torque for the output speed sensor.
June 22, 2011

Darlene Chaney said:
I did not read all the comments but just wanted to say my husband and I purchased a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan and since then have had many issues with it's electrical system, transmission, power steering system and recently the cooling system. We've done all the maintenance as the book instructed and have still had 2 transmission jobs done in 12 months time. The electrical system is so bad we haven't a working right side window in 5 years. We practically went broke trying to keep up with all the things that kept going wrong. I would never suggest this vehicle to anyone due to the obvious flaws. Also my sister-in-law purchased a 2005 and had the same issues. She did not know I had mine prior to her purchase. She said had she known she would have choose another vehicle.
June 27, 2011

Mary Cate said:
I have a 2000 3 ltr, v6 base Dodge Caravan. The speedometer isn't working and it isn't shifting into the higher gears. I will give the sensors replacement a shot. I am also having an issue with the battery going bad. When the engine is turned off you can hear a clicking and next thing you know the battery is dead...suggestions.
July 04, 2011

Bobby K said:
The speed sensors helped a lot. Good info. ALSO! Be sure to L@@K at your spark plugs. If they are OEM and you have high mileage, then they are shot. Mine were basically melted down. 150K miles. They're just not meant to last that long. WOW! what a huge difference that made.

@@@ Mary Cate, Just sounds like your battery is on its last legs. Try disconnecting the negative terminal and wait several hours, if the battery still goes dead, then it's bad if not then clean your terminals and re-tighten the connections.

July 08, 2011

Darwin said:
Please let me know if I need to replace transmission. I had mechanic fix shifter on transm since I was having problem with it. I would put on parking and it will stay on reverse, but it was driving great. When mechanic change that part van did not run as usual. He fix the part that I was having problem with but now it stay on second gear, I never had that type of problem. Mechanic is telling me since he put new trans fluid maybe that's what cause the problem. And also check engine problem came on.
July 09, 2011

Jennifer said:
I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport 3.3L...Recently had ground wire corode off battery and then replace cable end went to start it and nothing on dash board no rpms mileage etc... i did smell some electrical smoke when I started and drove home which is 2 miles noticed it also didnt shift. Read some other posts about resetting and such did not work checked the hazard lites fuze replaced it and dashboard came back but still does not shift. Could this be the TCM or something else. any help would be much appreciated, no luck with vehicles lately and not much to fix them. hoping to be able to do it myself. Thanks...

July 12, 2011

Marolyn said:
I have a 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan. This will be my 4th time taking the van to the Chrysler Mechanic. Sometimes when I come to a complete stop at a stop sign or red light the van will "jerk" forward. It feels like someone has hit the van from the rear. the jerking does not happen all the time just sometimes. The Chrysler Mechanic has hooked it to the computer updated the system, set it back to factory settings, and updated the system a 2nd time. He says they cant find anything wrong. I picked the van up today after they had it for 2 days. I came to a complete stop at a red light and it jerked forward!!! Help please!
July 15, 2011

Sparkle said:
I have a 2001 Dodge Caravan SE (125,000mi) the check engine light came on and the transmission started acting funny. When I press the gas it seems to be stuck in one gear and it wont switch out. Any suggestions as to what this might be???? Im praying its nothing major!!
July 16, 2011

OUFAN75 said:
I have a 2001 GC Sport 3.3 Flex. I wanted to go ahead and post the problem I had with my van and the fix so that it may help others.
A few weeks ago I noticed my starter was starting to drag a bit and then ultimately the dash lights would flicker and relays would click and then eventually start. I took the battery in to have it tested and it just needed to be charged. As a side note, I replaced the alternator 4 mos earlier from Autozone. I am fairly handy and do all of my own repairs, therefore I started to monitor the alternator with a voltmeter and it was 13.5V, but noticed the starter was dragging a week later. Then just a couple of days ago my speedometer went all crazy and pegged out and I also got the output speed sensor codes. When I hooked up my scan tool to check and clear any codes I noticed it showed the van was at 40MPH in Park! Also the mileage was accumulating while in Park! I changed the OSS and the ISS as mentioned above in jovia cynic's posts, but did not help. I noticed that when the RPM was above 1,000 the speedomter would be just fine and the van would run normally. I took the van up to Autozone to have the alternator I just replace tested as a last resort and found it was defective. Swapped out with a new one thanks to the LT warranty and everything is back to normal. I never would have thought a weak alternator would cause so many gremlins. Hope this helps someone!

July 20, 2011

julia said:
help please got a 2000 dodge caravan sport and had transmission fixed. gave to my son for grand babies now it starts sometimes and sometimes it won't. we changed to sensors last year. also had to change stering column . back window stopped working. but main issue i'm concerned about is battery good but it won't start . afraid for my grand babies that their get stranded and its been 110 here in oklahoma.
July 21, 2011

thomas said:
whats the piece on the diagram called all the way to the right right next to the output speed sensor that looks like two circles and closes in the end?
August 01, 2011

Kristy said:
i dont know what is going on with my 1997 plymouth grand voyager. i find the previous info helpful but i dont know if i am really having the same problem. im thinking "limp mode", i can only go around 40mph with rpm at 3000. transmission has been leaking and ive been keeping it checked it just did this out of nowhere am i in limp mode?
August 02, 2011

Kristy said:
what needs to be soon
August 02, 2011

Al said:
1997 Sebring; check engine light came on and car downshifted to 2nd gear. Limped home and replaced input sensor (only one in stock). Cleared Check Engine by disconnecting the battery, took the car for a test and it ran fine for +20 blocks and then failed. Check Engine on and in limp mode. Will replacing the output sensor get me back on the road? Thanks.
August 09, 2011

Jim said:
Have 2001 grand caravan. Had trans rebuilt at 133000 miles. at 148ooo it quit on highway. while waiting to be towed, after it had cooled down some,i put it in drive and reverse and it shifted good and smooth,but after a block quit again. After being towed 2 hours later,it will shift into drive fine and go up my driveway but no reverse! scan tool says it has a po700 transmission control system code, a po734 rear 4 ratio incorrect code, apo732 gear 2 ratio incorrect code. i checked input speed sensor with ohm meter and it checks fine. Anyone have any ideas? Tired of putting money and time into this. Any help greatly appreciated!
August 10, 2011

jeff said:
I have a 1998 caravan with a 2.4L engine. The other day the check engine lite came on and it started to run very rough as if at least one cyclinder was missing.I put new plugs and wires on but it still runs the same.Any ideas would be appreated.Oh yea.It shakes when idealing. THANKS.
August 11, 2011

jeff said:
today my van stalled three times when coming to a stop.i'm wondering if it might be the coil pack.Is there any way to check it. HELP.Should the computer be reset and if so how would i do it.
August 12, 2011

Bong said:
2000 Dodge Caravan V6 3.3 liter
Its hard to shift in park or drive wen the weather is hot.

August 17, 2011

Kimberly said:
2000 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L shudders in reverse. If it's parked on an incline and I put it in drive it thuds in to gear. Yesterday it was running, but wouldn't move in drive or reverse. I turned off the van and let it sit for about 10 seconds. I started it back up, and proceeded to put it in reverse. It shuddered again, but than I put it in drive and it was as though the problem never occured. Fluids are up, but now it's beginning to shudder in drive in 1st gear. In 3rd gear it shifts very hard, almost like a thump when it shifts up from 3rd to 4th. This site is very informative and I have read all the blogs. I have a few ideas, and am very handy. I am hoping as a single Mother of four children that I can resolve the issue by replacing a sensor. Any suggestions at all are greatly appreciated. or look me up on Facebook under the email addy provided above. I will be sure to check back here over the course of the week. Thank you for posting this information. You are a blessing to many. May God bless you as well. Sincerely, Kim
August 25, 2011

Dick A. Kaquatosh Sr said:
Regarding the Picture of Transmission provided above: What does the cover enclose with the 10 Bolts? On a Plymouth Voyager (3.3L) Ultradrive, something punches through the center of this cover. Transmission still Operates. What is this Shaft looking piece that punched through cover?
August 26, 2011

jim said:
My 1999 caravan is having the same problem and i will replace the input and output sensors in the morning. And return to say if it worked
September 06, 2011

jim said:
After replacing these sensors my tranny is still downshifting hard from second to first when i am slowing down and when im in 4th it seems to shift hard into 3rd and back. It seemed to work at first then it started again maybe when it warms up. I pulled the sensor again to see if it picked up more metal shavings. Not the issue it must be something else. Any one have any suggestion? Mabe the range switch or the park neutral switch?
September 07, 2011

Mario said:
so is it normal to have fluid where the speed sensors are i just replaced both of them and there was some type of oil in there very very small amount... 2001 dodge caravan 3.3L
September 09, 2011

Mario said:
so since I have replaced the speed sensors the p0755 code has gone away but the p0700 code is still there and the van still dose not shift? guess the other thing left is to replace the solenoid pack
September 09, 2011

kathy said:
please help i changed both sensors but my 2000 dodge caravan still wont move forward but runs fine in reverse..... please help whats next
September 09, 2011

kathy said:
also does it matter what kind of tranny fluid is used? has been leaking so just curious. will changing tranny filter and fluid help or solenoid
September 09, 2011

Mike said:
Just stumbled onto this site. It's great. My 96 caravan has strange problem. When it's cold and I step hard on gas ( to get into traffic.) it physically shift into neutral. Amy thoughts? Thanks
September 10, 2011

mike said:
dodge grand caravan" transmission leak on driver side" not bottom pan but side cover and around axel
September 13, 2011

mike a said:
dodge grand caravan" transmission leak on driver side" not bottom pan but side cover and around axel what are some possible fixes
September 13, 2011

gary said:
Thanks for all the info. here... Here is my question. My 92 caravan will not move at all when shifted to any it a sensor or more severe, like the pump
September 15, 2011

sandra said:
I have an 07 Grand Caravan. My question is how much does it cost on a high end to get a transmission rebuilt/fixed? My van does not have any high gears and I was told that there is five problems wrong with my transmission. I did not get any codes at the time. I love my van and I just need to get her fixed up. My sensers were changed the day the check engine light came on the battery disconnted and it is still the same.
September 16, 2011

william said:
my transmission wont switch what can i do some one help me
September 21, 2011

jose said:
I am having a similar problem with my 01 dodge Dakota and how when I floor it it doesn't go passed 1500 rpms when i start driving, seems like if its on second gear. Reverse works fine and so does 1 nd 2, and also does this jerking kick when I slow down when I'm completely bought to stop, if anybody can help me, I would appreciate it thank you
September 22, 2011

jose said:
I am having a similar problem with my 01 dodge Dakota and how when I floor it it doesn't go passed 1500 rpms when i start driving, seems like if its on second gear. Reverse works fine and so does 1 nd 2, and also does this jerking kick when I slow down when I'm completely bought to stop, if anybody can help me, I would appreciate it thank you
September 22, 2011

donald bell said:
In this matter, you may also need to check your T.C.M.. If you replace it make sure that you take it some where to have your brain relearned or I should say flashed over. This allows for your brain and sencers to learn the new part you install.
September 27, 2011

Sizzle said:
can a 1998 caravan transmission fit 2003 caravan both has the same engine , i change both sensors in the 03 n still stuck in second so i think i need to swap tarnsmissions and help would be great.
October 12, 2011

James said:
I have a 2000 Plymouth Grand Voyager. It is lurching and then staying in 2nd gear. It will shift normally if I restart the car while in motion or at a stop. I have replaced the transmission fluid, (ATF+4 Mopar), changed filter and Electronic Shut-off Relay. Mechanically shifting fine, believe it is an electric issue, disconnected battery, waited five minutes to reset TCM was ineffective. Possibly Transmission Cut off Module (TCM), speed control or transmission shifting solenoid? Direction on testing these items, etc, would be great. Plan to change intput/output sensor, researching solenoid pack. All tips appreciated. Thank you.
October 18, 2011

Alisha said:
I have a 2002 Grand Caravan Sport 3.3 Flex. Yesterday the whole entire controls panel went wiggy. Every light came on and went off and now my speedometer is resting on the wrong side of the peg and won't work. Is this a sensor gone bad or am I going to have to pull the dash off to manually fix it? My check engine light has been on since right after we got the thing and the shop said they didn't know why it was on. No transmission problems or anything. Thanks for any ideas.
October 22, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
Alisha - that sounds like a wiring bug. If there was a sensor issue, you'd certainly have something going on w/ the transmission.
October 26, 2011

Jimmy said:
will a transmission from a 1996 dodge caravan 3.0 L fit a 2000 dodge caravan 3.0 L
October 27, 2011

Feroz said:
I have a Grand caravan 1997 Model, i purchased it last month with 156000 ODO. it was running fine till today with the 'Servise Engine Soon' Light on. Today i notised at the speed of 100 MPH the RPM is above 3000. i felt my transmission is not shifting and is getting stuck in second gear???.
By going through the privious posting, i will try changing the 2 Speed Sensors. Hope this will fix the problem?
Note: My speedo meter is working fine.
Any other suggesions?

October 30, 2011

Penny said:
I wish I would have found this page 2 weeks ago. Trying to help my brother with his 2000 plymouth voyager, same as are a gem. Pics are fantastic. 755 & 700 codes. Sensors didn't help. I lucked out and found shift solenoid pack on wrecked vehicle for a whole $16.00. I am waiting on now. Owners son wrecked car after he did $$$ of repairs to vehicle. Money back guarantee...I hope it works. Your directions and advice are great. Hope it works out! Thank you for being here.
November 01, 2011

Todd said:
Hi! I have a 2003 Grand Caravan Sport. The engine light is on but the van seems to run fine. When Autozone scans it.. they don't get any codes. When i do the "key dance", i only get "P1684" which from what i understand simply means that the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 start cycles. Anyone know why the light may be triggered or what the problem may be?
November 05, 2011

Tom said:
I have a 97 Dodge Grand Caravan, just turned 307,100 miles. Last week while on the highway it felt like the trans slipped with a clunk and again this morning but other than that the van runs well. I've always had the issue with it clunking into 1st. Im going to try the sensors and see if that fixes it. My engine light shows EGR; replaced it and when the light is on the van runs fine, when it goes off the van stalls. Any ideas?
November 07, 2011

anthony sedor said:
thank you, thank you !!!!!!!!! a.s. your good.done deal fixed!!thank you thank you....
November 12, 2011

Krystal said:
I have a 2002 Dodge grand caravan sport. It clicks like the starter was going out, so we replaced the starter. It's still doing it, and now it won't start at all. We can't figure out what it could be? Help please!
November 12, 2011

Penny said:
Don't buy transmission....get the solenoid shift pack....if you just have a leak, new gasket is only $4 and easy to change. Don't panic...not at all hard. Really read these post. If speedometer is a prob...change output sensor, easy out, easy in. If limp mode problem....chances are it is the shift solenoid pack! Save your money. This guy is good. Knows what he is saying
November 15, 2011

Richard Eklund said:
How can I check the the transmission fluid on my 2010 Dodge grand caravan? A plug Says Dealer.
November 18, 2011

hkhenson said:
Buzzing along at 70 (limit was 75) and my 2001 Caravan slammed the tack to the peg and the engine went dead. After pulling over (not easy with the power steering gone) it would not start though the headlights were on. Dash indicator lights flashed randomly. Cutting out the long story of being towed in, it turned out to be a loose connection on the battery, wire I presume goes to the computer.
November 19, 2011

Gary said:
i have a 97 dodge stratus 2.0 speedometer dosen't work, stuck in 2nd gear what should i start with.
November 22, 2011

kellie said:
i have a 2002 grand caravan, this morning it backed up out the driveway and didnt want to go forward i checked the fluids and added a little trany fluid and it seemed fine, was almost to school and slowed to around 30mph and it seemed to down shift kinda hard, I went to the store in the neighboring town for thanksgiving groceries and it keeps doing the hard down shift with a clunk, do you think it could be the sensor(s)? any imput is greatly appreciated, i am a mom of 4 and a full time student, thank you for your time.
November 22, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
Hey Kellie -

What you're describing may be what we call "limp mode," which is where the transmission stays at a low gear to prevent damage. This may be a sensor issue, so I'd replace those two first (again, $20 each), and if that isn't it, it may be the solenoid pack. You should probably run a scanner on the vehicle to see what codes it is throwing, but change our your sensors anyway... they're relatively inexpensive and easy to replace.

November 23, 2011

Jose'' said:
Very informative detailed and clear. I greatly appreciate your sharing this information and your expierience in this matter.
November 23, 2011

David said:
I have a 1999 Grand Voyager, while driving heard a pop, had a vibration some rattling and then went back to normal except that now I have no park. The gear shift goes into park but park will not engage. Anyone have any ideas?
November 24, 2011

Mark said:
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your blog. I was getting ready to sell my 1998 Grand Caravan for scrap because it was locking up in second gear when it got warm. I read your blog, took a gamble and bought the sensors ($47)and a half hour later was on the road testing. 50 miles later tranny is good and warm and shifting fine. I would offer you up to half of my Kingdom but my Kingdom is pretty humble right now:)
November 25, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
Mark - I'm glad I could help. :)
November 25, 2011

Angela said:
I am having similar issues with my 2002 dodge grand caravan. I had tried to get it checked for a similar issue but of course I was told "New Transmission". I have zero funds for a new anything! I hope with your detailed info we can get it going. I will let you know. You are a great help to people like me who are not machanical!!!
November 29, 2011

Rosa Gomez said:
I have a 2001 dodge grand caravan. When I put it in Drive it moves but if I shift into R it doesn't move. I also noticed that if I come to a stop it won't move. I have to wait for it to shift into the gear. What is going on with it? Please help
December 03, 2011

Eddie Adams said:
This is some of the best information I have ever found on the internet. BIG THANKS! The pictures were priceless due to the fact that the Haynes Manual was really vague on what and where these sensors were. I did remove them both and I did find a sludge build-up on the output sensor. I replaced it anyway ($20). The "Check Engine" light went away and it shifts great. Again, thanks for the great guidence on this issue.
December 03, 2011

Wes said:
At startup, it goes into reverse easily, but forward can take a minute or more before it engages. Its fine when its warm. Anything i can do?, winters here and i hate to think of how long i will wait in sub-zero weather!! YUK!
December 05, 2011

Bill said:
I bought a 2002 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 V6 with 265000 kms,changed a sqeeky belt tensioner,check engine light was on!Had it scanned by a tech at a local garage!Has'nt come on since!Van runs fine!Noticed a small engine oil leak and tranny leak while sitting in my garage!I asked my mechanic to look at the leaks!He said he thinks the tranny was rebuilt because some of the bolts connecting the tranny to the engine were loose!He tightened the loose screws and said see if that works!After two weeks i'm still noticing fluid on the ground!Afraid to take it to a tranny shop or the dealer!Had the van since Sept.2011!Any advice?
December 05, 2011

Bill said:
I bought a 2002 Dodge Caravan SE 3.3 V6 with 265000 kms,changed a sqeeky belt tensioner,check engine light was on!Had it scanned by a tech at a local garage!Has'nt come on since!Van runs fine!Noticed a small engine oil leak and tranny leak while sitting in my garage!I asked my mechanic to look at the leaks!He said he thinks the tranny was rebuilt because some of the bolts connecting the tranny to the engine were loose!He tightened the loose screws and said see if that works!After two weeks i'm still noticing fluid on the ground!Afraid to take it to a tranny shop or the dealer!Had the van since Sept.2011!Any advice?
December 05, 2011

Hector said:
Would you tell me if this sensors are the same for a Chrysler town and county 2000 3.8 L? If so are it called input speed sensor and output speed sensor.
Thank you for yor info.

December 06, 2011

bryan said:
i have a 99 startus
and im getting vehicle speed sensor code. the car will run ok but in just minutes it starts to not shift out of first gear, then it just dies and wont start back up till the car is cool couple hours later. we replaced the output sensor but still doesnt work. should we replace the input? and after that may not work what else should we try !?

December 11, 2011

angela said:
I just wanted to add....2 mechanic friends said "new transmission" so they were not out for money! But after 1 month of my car just sitting in the driveway, I convinced my husband to try the sensor fix! The car is shifting and seems normal. Thanks
December 17, 2011

alan said:
my 2002 caravan was rough on the down shift when coming to a stop. I installed the two speed sensors and did not help. the cruise control and every thing else is working fine!!!
December 20, 2011

Help said:
I have a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.8 liter engine. The transmission will shift out in the morning but once you kill the engine and start it again it will not shift out til the motor cools off completely.
December 20, 2011

John said:
I have a 94 caravan with the 3.3 that wont shift to 3rd. I have replaced the solenoid pack and the tcm. But upon further tests im not gettin any switch battery voltage. Any help on this would be great.
December 30, 2011

Dan said:
I have a 2000 Chrysler grand voyager.
I have similar problems with tranny. When I put in drive it hesitates before moving forward especially when the oil is cold.
Reverse no problem,but seems to drive ok once Im moving.Do you think it is the input solenoid or output or the TCS? your help would be most appreciated. Dan

December 31, 2011

Dan said:
After looking at similar problems ,I decided to change out the TCS. Ill LET YOU KNOW AFTER THE TEST RUN. Thanks to all who have pertisapated . this site has been a great help

Regards Dan

December 31, 2011

Cat said:
I bought a '97 Caravan used w/a rebuilt transmission @ 90,000 - the transmission is needing rebuilt again according to the shop and the van only has 109,000 - why would it be going through transmissions? originally brought it in for a transmission leak at the front seal @ front torque converter any help is appreciated! thanks.
January 02, 2012

rondude said:
A few issues with a 97 grand caravan sport,4 speed auto going down the road when tach started jumpin and then NO activity at the trans at all tryed reverse and all forward gears NUTIN the check engine light is on (I just bought the van) I hope it aint mechanicle, and my Dodge intrepide wont shit out of second gear ,Sensores yas think?? Thank yas Pastor Foot

January 14, 2012

Scubason said:
2004 Grand Caravan SXT while driving went into park - while in drive. Gear selector does not recognize any gears. If the engine is running - it stays in park - No matter what the gear selection. If I turn the engine off and put in neutral - it comes out of park. I cannot move the vehicle is the engine is running -stuck in park.I checked the gear shift cable and it it moving selector. There was no transmission problems before this happened. Any Ideas ? Electronic ?
January 15, 2012

Fidelis said:
My 20001 Dodge grand caravan Spot transmission shifts by itself from hight to low while driving on gear #2.
What is wrong with my van?

January 24, 2012

felix said:
Have a 98 Grand Caravan that the turn signal lights, back window controls and air blower wont work. Flashing lights at the air control p[anel tried to re calibrate but still wont work. All relays and fuses are go can anyone help me wiith the situation thank

January 25, 2012

Jacqueline Smith said:
I bought a 2009 grand caravan in July 2011. It has been in for service twice for a deep humming/whining sound on start up that will stop and on occasion will make that same sound for a minute or two while taking off. This happens after the van has not been started for at least two hours. I've taken the vehicle to the dealership and they had it for a week and said it was a wire they had to replace that caused the transmission to make that sound. When I got it back, the next day it wouldn't even start. They had it towed said they fixed the problem- no reason and no charge for the service. Now when I took it to the dealership for him to hear the sound, he put in what appears to be transmission fluid as it was red. That didn't stop the humming funny sound after getting it home and letting it sit for a while and restarting it. I was told that it's not the barrings which is another reason why I contacted them for an evaluation due a letter I received from Chrysler their vans have a tendency to have a barrings problem. I'm going to take the van back to the dealership I purchased it from about the humming and to let them know that it appeared that someone failed to refill my transmission. This is the van of my dreams and just want it to run properly.
January 26, 2012

Vicki said:
I'm having trouble removing the input sensor. I am using a 1" socket but it won't budge. I removed the hoses and the solenoid pack so I have a good angle on it.
February 02, 2012

steven said:
Read online that the transmission is 100% computer controlled. Was getting a P0736, replaced both in and out speed sensors, no codes have come back. Replaced transmission fluid with atf+4 and changed filter. Still getting no codes, and gears sound like they're engaging, but no power, free rolls in all gears as well as park and reverse.

Shift lever moves, and isn't loose. You can feel it engage each gear like normal when using the selector, and the van feels like it wants to move, and puts some obvious stress on the engine, but when you release the brake slowly you get very little to no push back from the transmission, and the only noise when get is a 'slight' rattle when coming out of park and into reverse/D/3/L, but that sounds like its coming from the passenger side and its done that for a couple years now, thought that might be from the belt tension pully and only at low rpms. Feels like a manual clutch that slips. Axles and u-joints all look good.

I have also read something about retraining the TCM to fix similar issues since these transmissions are 100% computer controlled. My manual states I need to retrain after replacing solenoids. Does anyone know if this sounds like the case?

Thought it might be mechanical because of Park not working, but wasn't sure since the TCM controls all aspects of the transmission and can disable all gears to protect itself if there's a detected problem. Thanks for all your input.

February 03, 2012

Jason said:
Hi i have 2000 dodge caravan it is 3.8L with a 3 speed trany i was drive down the road hear a pop and then stop to check it out and was leaking fluid from the bellhose and trany but still drives find but leaks a lots of fluid and went low it will not move but if i top up it goes again
February 12, 2012

waterspots6 said:
some of the answers in the last few questions were that there could be a ground problem on a 1997 dodge caravan 3.3 ltr, I too have had a problem with my trans,shifting in to 2ed gear and not coming out the next day I went out to take it to a trans shop and the van shifted perfect,they ran a scan on it and found a lot of codes they told me it was a wiring problem do you know were to look for or have any heads up as to were to look for a start.. thank you Terry McLamb.
February 14, 2012

joe said:
my 1999 dodge grand caravan just decided to get some attention, the check engine light came on it goes only to 1st or 2nd gear, speed odometer does not work> i took to read codes and these are the coeds that came out P 0731, P 0500, P 0700,
what do you think.???

March 01, 2012

xquisit41 said:
OMG, I need advice/help. I have a 1999 Dodge Caravan and it jerks when i pick up speed. i notice that when i have the car in park the rpm is pass 1. is that ok?
March 02, 2012

Tiger said:
I have a 98 caravan 3.0L V6, I resently got a rebuilt transmission, and my Speedometer died (Water temp/Speedo/Fuel Guage). I got a Type W with tach on it also. I noticed that everyone was driving faste. I drove beside a friend andat lower speeds speedo was accurate and at higher speed the guage was in accurate. Please advise if I can fix this myself or have to take it to a tech? - Thx's

March 06, 2012

Lynn said:
I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan while driving without AC/heater on the engine lobes (feels like missing) between speed range of 45-60 mph, with the AC/heater on it's much worse and does it all of the time. I've had a bit of work done by the dealership already...problem is still not solved now they say it's the PCM however I feel they are just taking my money and replacing unneccesary parts.....any ideas?
March 14, 2012

Lynn said:
xquisit41: Your problem sounds like it might be the MAP sensor. My husband's truck was doing that and it was the MAP sensor.
March 14, 2012

Priscilla said:
I wanted to ask if I can change the input/output sensors myself? I am afraid to do it myself & the closest family I have is 500 miles away. I took my 2000 Dodge Caravan to the shop today & don't want to get overcharged because it is also leaking fluid like Jason's comment.
March 16, 2012

phillip said:
Have a 92 dodge grand caravan 3.3 liter v 6 going down the road is shift down for no reason changed the fluid and filter and it helped for a month and now it is bach i was driveing at 60 mph and all the sudden when i put on tje break it down shifted into second or first and would not shift out of it until I turn the car off and turn it back on
March 17, 2012

Jim Skipper said:
Great set of instructions! I have a 1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager with shift problems and a set of transmission codes beginning with P0720 which is supposed to be the output sensor. Based on your information, I think $20 - $30 would be an excellent investment, and it might be all that's necessary!


April 12, 2012

Frank said:
Have a 03 grand caravan leaking on the left side transmission plate. Would i be able to remove the plate and re-seal without things falling out?....Thanks for any advice.
April 14, 2012

aman said:
i already change input & output sensor but still having a problem< i spend 60pound for new one, speedometer not working and 2nd gear, please help me< grand voyager 1997,
April 18, 2012

Amelia said:
03 Dodge Caravan 2.4L. Automatic Transmission trouble. Codes read PO734, PO720, PO841,P0731. Changed output speed sensor, changed trans fluid and filter. These codes and engine check light now off. But it's now reading PO736, Park and Neutral is ok, but car goes forward in Reverse. Help
April 27, 2012

aaron chamberlain said:
i have a 95 plymouth voager minni van,with alot of miles, 225xxx aproxamately, it makes a funy clicking noise when you put the car in any gear, and when it up shifts , or down shifts, but only when it shifts or first put in gear dont do it the whole time between shifts. it has done it eversince ive had it and haven figured out what it is. it doesact up once in a while, the other day it didnt want to shift fron 2nd, i pulled over shut it off waited a min started it back up and hasnt gone that since other then the clicking/buzzing noise any ideas what the h&%^* it is? very confused
May 13, 2012

Rex Newkirk said:
I have a 1998 Dodge Caravan and sometimes I will stop at a red light and when I start back up the trans will stay in first gear and won't shift. Now if I stop and turn the engine off for say 5 minutes and start it back up it will run perfect with out any problems. Someone please give me some suggestions.
Thank you..

May 18, 2012

Rex Newkirk said:
I have a 1998 Dodge Caravan and sometimes I will stop at a red light and when I start back up the trans will stay in first gear and won't shift. Now if I stop and turn the engine off for say 5 minutes and start it back up it will run perfect with out any problems. Also when this happens all the gauges and everything stops working. Someone please give me some suggestions.
Thank you..

May 18, 2012

kv said:
Thanks so much for taking the time to create this article and take those pics.
It really made this an easy job. I have a 2004 Dodge Caravan 6 cylinder with 228,000 miles on it. Some differences on my vehicle are that I only had to remove the overflow bottle for the radiator which makes for easy access to both the output sensor with is the one closet to the ground on the right and the input sensor which sits between the fluid nipples for the trans cooler. I got both sensors at Auto Zone for $43.00. Replacing both fixed the flopping speedometer and the erratic cruise control

May 21, 2012

Fish said:
After reading your post I decided to give my 1994 grand voyager another shot. I have been reading about limp mode but couldn't get to basic concept of it. I guess i needed pictures. Lol. Now that I've copied what you did the van is running good again. Thank you so much. You saved my van and save me lots of money.
May 21, 2012

cmoim said:
Thanks so much for helping people saving money.
I have a dodge caravan 2003, 3.3 L, today i tried to park,no way, doesnt go back. The reverse doesnt work. no check engine.I called the dealer, they said 2k $ to replace the transmission. Any idea, suggestion will be very appreciated. thank you so much for the help.

June 06, 2012

cmoim said:
the shifter moves normaly and goes into the positions, it just wont move to reverse, the boxes on my instrument cluster for the shifter position change correctly with shifter positions. the cable is in good shape, the lever on the transmission moves correctly from one position to the other. But i tried the cruise control on 50 km/h, it doesnt work, and at one moment the needle went up to 100 km/h and felt down to the right speed, my question is : if i have to change the 2 sensors first before trying anything else.Thanks for help
June 07, 2012

homebase said:
thanks for the tip. been in limp mode for about a year and a half. didn't know what limp mode was until i came across your post . i use my car to work and back only. which is about 12 miles each way. my car would go straight to ND gear every time i got to the off ramp on the freeway at 40 miles an hr. got my tools together and parts took me about 1 hr. took it for a test drive and drove about 30 miles and had no problems so far. normally after 10-12 miles my car would act up, this is my RD tranny and was going to junk it when it didn't move anymore. a have about 189,000 miles on it, thanks again you spared my car for at least for now. i hope i can depend on my car took take me to other places besides work.
June 09, 2012

DKB said:
99 Dodge Caravan, Sport. Instrument cluster was losing power intermittantly. Mechanic replaced the cluster from a wrecking yard. Now speedometer reads low at all speeds by about 8 mph. I asked mechanic if it can be adjusted, he says no. I'm afraid the wife will get a ticket for driving 8-10 mph over posted speeds. Any ideas for adjusting the speedometer?
June 23, 2012

Brian said:
I'm working on this probably issue in my 96 Voyager right now - be aware that the excellent detail on this web page is for the 4 speed transmission, and the 3 speed is different on sensor locations - still trying to figure it out. But at least if you read this you won't be scratching your head going back and for from diagrams to your actual machine wondering why nothing seems to match up!
August 25, 2012

sunsworth said:
I have been a master cert for 30+yrs, and have come across numerous electronic interferance issues, most recently on this 2003 caravan 3.3l 4speed auto. This vehicle sets p0720 output speed sensor and a mis-shift code(cant remember the number as it is not important). Anyway after testing all wiring and customer replaced both input and output speed sensors,same codes (intermitten though) appear, headscratch? The symptoms were when in drive or reverse the speedo would jump erraticly and quit jumping in park. The trans would sometimes lurch/bang sitting still . FOUND the problem, disconnect the alternator plug (not the batterry cable) and recheck for speedo issue. Voila a/c voltage bleedthrough to the MLP and thus the speed sensor grounds "inducing erroneous signals to the computer". Hope this helps some of you fix the similar issues you may be having. Peace
August 30, 2012

Brian B said:
I have a 2000 grand caravan. My tranny wont shift from 3rd to 4th gear. Also, when I turn over engine it sounds fine. Then I put it in drive,still fine. But once I start moving it stalls out! It is intermant, tranny guy says need replacment. Any ideas would be great!
thanks, Brian

August 30, 2012

Kristianquart said:
You are a very handy man! This fixed my problem on our 1995 Chrysler Voyager (same car). Anyhow I`m having a problem with my Dodge Caravan 1993 (41te). When the engine is running and I put it in drive (or any other gear, included Neutral), it seems like its stuck in park. . When I turn engine of, I can tow the car and it looks like it goes into gears, incl Neutral. Any thoughts?
September 02, 2012

yogi said:
2000 dodge caravan 3.3, just broke 100k. flawless trans operation til today. driving along(city speed) trans just quit pulling. Slight whine like fluid starvation, but went away. trans tried to pull, went 100 feet and kicked out again. upping the rpms makes no matter. let it sit at idle, tries to pull a few feet, then kicks out. Changed fluid / filter combo, worked great for half a day, then acted up again. I will try solenoid swap out, see if that helps. Anything else you can think of, give me a yell please.
September 05, 2012

lawhorne said:
My 98 caravan jumps a little when taking off then seems to not shift into high gear. Any ideas on this issue?
October 07, 2012

Brandy said:
Looking to get a 2002 Dodge Caravan and it is making a grinding noise when put into gear. Van won't move. Won't go in Park. Any ideas? please PM if you can help me.. thanks
October 12, 2012

Nate said:
Trans in limp mode. Cleaned all connectors. Fine for a month. Limp mode. Replacwd iss and oss, fluid and filter. Still in limp mode. Recurring po755. Replaced shift solenoid with advance auto part new. Drove great for 9 days. Limp mode. Checked all wiring-ok. Recurring p0755. Replaced shift solenoid. Still in limp mode. Took to dealer for a reaming. $130 to clear codes and update tcm. Made it about 5 miles ok. Now limp home. Took back to dealer this morn. They just called and said they have put a known good shift solenoid on it and they have driven it 60 miles with no problems. They said they will drive it again in the morning. I will let you know what happens.
October 16, 2012

Nate said:
Paid $450. $205 for shift solenoid and the rest was charged for labor and diagnostics. Dealer said they put 120 miles on it with no problems. it only lasted us about 20 miles. It was supposed to be more but they took $130 off from the last time we had it in there. I guess its going back...again. Will let you know what happens.
October 20, 2012

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