a healthy criticism of everything

About This Place

I'm Josh Culley and I maintain this site. started out as a college project. It was an exploration into the criticisms of western Christianity, and was originally captioned "a healthy criticism of the modern church." As my areas of study increased, it evolved into a criticism of pretty much everything. I've come to feel that humanity is cursed with a reverse-Midas touch; anything we touch becomes corrupt and decays, whether it's religion, politics, the natural world around us... everything. On the other hand, I really enjoy individuals, and think that it is only by the work of individuals that human beings can find a sense of belonging and purpose. We need each other, but particularly, we need individuals. Once we are a group, we prey on each other and ruin one another.

In addition, I also use this place to post updates on my various projects. I have quite a few of them going. I'm into the DIY scene, and love to explore new and inexpensive ways of doing things. I always have a lot of things on my plate, but I somehow manage to juggle my work life, my home life, and my project life in a way that keeps everybody happy.

This site is entirely hand-coded in perl via notepad. It sits on top of a mySQL database, and is hosted by the good folks over at

To contact me, I'm doing the social networking thing over at twitter.