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2011-02-07 20:18:19
by: jovial_cynic
I had a half-day off work today, so I joined my family at the local zoo.

We spent quite a bit of time at the ape exhibit, where an orangutan was harassed by a gang of Siamang gibbons. The orangutan was poking through a fence with a length of bamboo, and the gibbons relentless tried to grab the bamboo from it.

This is where I discovered the orangutans spit.

That's some serious spit. My kids were quite amused.

In the end, the orangutan lost the bamboo after it slipped out of her hand through the fence.

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2008-11-24 21:10:24
by: jovial_cynic

(click image for video)

Somebody on the Datsun 510 mailing list sent out an e-mail with a link to this video. Delicious. I can't wait to get my car onto an autocross track.

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2007-11-27 09:44:39
by: jovial_cynic
This video was made for Kwoon's "I lived on the Moon," which by itself is a decent song, but with the video, it really becomes something quite fantastic.

Here are the lyrics to the song:

Dear little lad
Here is the story of my life
I lived on the moon
Grey flying snakes along
the mountains of destiny while
the three tailed monkeys
were drawing the stars.
Light from the Sun and I
hide myself on the dark side, alone
I've run so far
to find my way
Then I dream again... alone

Dear little boy, Listen
to the voices of your soul
it showed you the way
Of silence and peace
Follow your thoughts and fly
Choosing all the things that you desire
Giant Waves, fireflies...
Your dreams will be your only shell
Your secret, your hiding place, my son
Don't let them try
to crush your brain
let you go far
... my son

I've noticed a pattern in the animated videos that I appreciate the most. The videos that stick out in my mind are the ones that present the most fantastically absurd situations, where the artist seamlessly blends the disjointed surreal with the real. Movies that come to mind are MirrorMask (a Jim Henson Company production), and Hayao Miyazaki's Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away.

I did some research this video and found the official site, and noticed that the artist, Yannick Puig, states that Miyazaki is probably one of his inspirations:

A lot of artists inspired me for this piece too, like Tim Burton of course, and probably Hayao Miyazaki, but also Tibetan and Nepalese art and its interpretation of colours and nature.

And looking at the video again, I can see a bit of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas influence in there as well, not so much in the animation itself, but in the mood and the colors.

I'll be interested to see future works by Puig.

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2007-10-27 08:54:22
by: jovial_cynic
Similar to the inspiring Web 2.0 video I posted a while back, this next video really explains the consequence of Web 2.0, and how the shift in power over information has created a new information revolution.

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2007-08-05 20:46:32
by: jovial_cynic
I found this amusing gem on boingboing, and I think it's fantastic. There's nothing quite like duals involving steampunk mechs.

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