December 27, 2009
by: jovial_cynic
I recently started having issues with the Dodge Caravan transmission again. Previously, the problem was traced down to a bad speed sensor; the symptoms included an erratic speedometer and cruise-control that kept hunting for the right speed. (That's an output speed sensor issue, by the way).

This time around, the check-engine light came on, and while driving on the freeway, the transmission went into neutral (free-revving). I pulled the van over, turned the car off, and then turned it back on again to see what would happen. If the van was going to remain stuck in neutral, I knew I was going to need a tow truck to come get me. Fortunately, the Dodge transmissions are able to go into "limp-mode," which basically puts the transmission into second gear and leaves it there while you're driving it. This makes for rather high-RPM free-way driving, but at least you can get it home so you can work on it.

Anyhow, I got the van home and picked up another set of speed sensors (still under warranty through Schucks Auto (Kragen Auto, locally), hoping that the issue was the input speed sensor. That, and it's always best to start with the least expensive repairs first, or you may end up spending lots of money on parts you don't actually need. Free is rather cheap, which is why I started with them.

After swapping out the sensors, the van was still in limp-mode, so the next thing I wanted to rule out was a possible wiring fault between the sensor and the transmission computer.

Not wanting to spend a lot of time trying to trace down shorts in the wiring, I figured the easiest way to check for faults was to run back to Kragen and borrow their diagnostic scan tool. They keep an Innova scan tool for rentals, and that seems to be a pretty good product.

The sensor reported two codes: 755 ("Shifter Solenoid B") and 700 ("General Transmission Fault"). This was good and bad news. The good news was that the problem was unrelated to the speed sensors, so I probably wouldn't have to try to trace down a shorted or disconnected wire somewhere. The bad news was that I had no idea what "Shifter Solenoid B" was, so I had to do some research.

A couple of quick google searches pointed to the following diagram:

The shaded section is the solenoid pack.

Wanting to rule out a connection problem (as opposed to a faulty device), I popped off the 8mm that held down the gray plug cap.

The plug was covered in oil - transmission fluid. There's no good reason for transmission fluid to get onto this connector.

The terminal was also wet. Somehow, an internal leak on the solenoid pack was forcing oil into the connector, which meant I'd have to replace the pack.

Here's the bad solenoid pack. Because the fault is internal, you can't tell that there's something wrong with it by looking at it.

NOTE: Dirt builds up behind the solenoid pack on the transmission. Try to clean that off before removing this part, or the dirt will loosen up and fall under the solenoid pack while you're removing it, and you'll end up with dirt in the oil passages on the transmission. I spent a lot of time with Q-tips extracting dirt. Not fun.

I checked on the local auto store websites, and found that Auto Zone could order the part for $179 with a 3-month warranty. I didn't want to wait for a special order, so I called up the Dodge dealership, who carried the part for $240. After talking with the Dodge guy a bit, I learned that this particular part was on its third version, due to known defects and leaks. Not knowing if Auto Zone or the other sites carried the latest version, I decided to go with the Dodge part.

Three bolts later, the new solenoid pack was installed. I ran the scan tool on the van again, and the 0755 code was gone. I still had to clear the 0700 codes, which apparently don't go away by themselves, and three days later, the check engine light has not come back on, and the transmission is changing gears just fine.

NOTE: In the event that your Dodge is stuck in neutral, I believe that you can force it into limp-mode by removing the plug to the shift-solenoid pack, which is bolted down with an 8mm bolt.


Josh said:
Limp mode can also be entered by sometime revving like a mad man, or just dropping the gear from Overdrive, past 3 to L on that model, limp is generally 2nd gear...

From experience (wife on the side of the road trying to wake me up from 15 minutes of sleep after working 24 hours....), took her 45 minutes, she couldn't make it go (it goes neutral when it calls for 3rd and 4th gears), putting in L will usually solve this, though I've had issues where it didn't with another van.

January 12, 2010

Bene said:
Had the same problem yesterday with my 1994 grand caravan.
Do you think I should go staight to the solenoid change, or should I try the snsors first?
It is stuck in second. It slipped into neutral for about 10 seconds and then Baam into second. I did not stop as I was in a centre lane. Thought I was just going to have to stop right on an uphill grade. SCARY.
Great info you have here? It may save me a lot of time and money. Thanks jovial.

January 13, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Bene - I would recommend the sensors first, because they're cheaper, and you always want to rule out the inexpensive problems first.

Alternatively, I'd recommend running to an AutoZone or Kraagan or any other auto shop that loans out scan-tools so you can identify the problem. 0755 is the solenoid.

January 13, 2010

kenny said:
Hi Jovial , I wrote you like 2 to 3 week ago about the transmission gear. You told me that could be solenoid pack.
You was RIGHT I changed it and now the van run perfectly. THANK YOUUUUUU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY YOU SAVE ME, AGAIN THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP..

June 02, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
Kenny -

Glad it worked out for you!

June 02, 2010

TheDude said:

Excellent blog :-)

I have a Dodge Caravan (made in 2000), It was given to me with 175,000K on it. I drove it for a week then...

It stuck in 2nd gear so, i read your blog then brought it to a transmission shop. They said it was the selenoid pack and replaced it for 300$canadain.

Two weeks later, stuck in 2nd gear again, brought it to the transmisison shop, they kept it several days for testing. Told me it was the Transmission Control Module (TCM) this time $385+labour = too expensive for me.

Though, they said i could keep driving it in second gear so long as i keep the rpm under 3,000 which makes for a speed of 40-60kmph - true/false? How do i handle a van thats stuck in 2nd gear? comments?


ps: they assured me the selenoid pack they had replaced initially needed to be replaced .. that it was visibly burnt out and tested negative with their testing-equipment. They run a clean shop, with friendly service and a good reputation so i tend to beleive them.

June 07, 2010

Joe M said:
Honest, helpful people like yourself ROCK! I'm fairly intelligent and resourceful and spread my hard-earned knowledge to anyone who wants it as I feel it is my duty to help the human race. I'm so angry at people (shops, etc.) who contempt the rest of us for a buck!
I will try the sensors and so on.
Thank you so much!
May good carma be with you!

July 04, 2010

JoeCaravan said:
I hate to junk my 2000 Caravan Sport, so I am willing to try the noted fixes.

HOWEVER,,, Why start with the speed sensors if the car is stuck in second, AND the OBD II points to EC 0755??

Mine just died last Wednesday July 6, 2010. I was just pulling away from a parking place and the car bucked for a split second. It felt like something was stuck, but I was on city streets and going slow anyhow. I went home wondering. The next day I went to go to work and noticed the check engine light was on and the car was revved up to about 5k to go 60mph, or so. I limped it home doing about 45mph with flashers on..

My car had the tranny rebuilt by a local Dodge Dealer at 36k, just a few miles before the warranty went out. It has been flawless for about 100k, and now it is puking again @136k. The last time the tranny would buck and jump in reverse while backing up any type of a hill. Many parts were damaged right from the factory as the problem started soon after I purchased it new. Of course, the lousy dealer who sold me the car ( not the dealer who ended up fixing it) never would put those complaints on the service documents. "Couldn't verify" is what they logged into Chrysler's computer. However, I later found an honest mechanic at another Dodge dealership who wrote up the problem and submitted it to Chrysler. I ended up picking up about $150 for the rebuild, even though it was a warranty repair. SO be it.

Now, about 7 years later, the car is acting as posted, just like the other fellows 2000 GC Sport was doing.

I will look to see if I an score a solenoid block with a discount. Maybe I should change the fluid and put a new filter on too???

Thanks for the great post and tips. Thanks to all who have helped.

Just a note. On hot humid days, mainely after a good rain storm, my car will sometimes act up. The turn signal indicators, both sides, will barely glow, and the car will stall just about every time. It runs for beans, stuttering, stalling, etc. Then, after a few days of mild dry weather, it runs great.

ALSO, since the car had about 3oo miles on it, the gas gauge will drop to zero just after being filled. I am pretty sure there is a bad ground the electrical harness. Sees to be related to the lifting of the rear hatch. I can sometimes get the car to run good if I get out, and slam the hatch when closing it. Two dealers looked at it, and changed gauges, sensors, etc.. But the problem is still there. The better of the two dealerships, the one that fixed my tranny, could never figure out the problem. That dealer closed its doors two years ago. :-(( The fuel gauge problem is part of the computer burp problem, or a just another symptom of.

July 12, 2010

Rob B said:
Good writeup, this helped me immensely since the Haynes and Chiltons do not cover this. I had the P0700 and P1775 (LR solenoid stuck) codes. I replaced the solenoid pack and problem solved. You need a 1 inch deep socket to get the speed sensor off because the third bolt is hiding under it. Like the author stated, there is a lot of dirt behind the pack. I tried to get it out with compressed air but still had dirt get on the internal surface. The dirt had oil in it so it wasn't moving. I did the QTip thing and some paper towels and it was good to go. I would recommend spraying brake cleaner or some good solvent back there before removal. So be careful of this.
September 09, 2010

Rob B said:
I forgot to mention, disconnect the battery while working on this. Not only is it safer, but by the time you finish, the codes will be cleared.
September 09, 2010

barry said:
How do you manually clear the other "700" codes?
September 17, 2010

Sarah said:
Thanks for the great information! My husband was able to fix our 1999 Grand Caravan with this help.
October 27, 2010

Sebastian Paredes said:
My 2000 dodge grand caravan seem to start acting up about a month ago when pullin out of a parkin spot in the morning and then trying to back up to make a u turn the van would go into neutral and nono of the other gears would catch either after shifting back and forth the van backed up worked fine another issue is that when driving and comig at a full stop the trabs would like tree seconds to react recently i had it checked by a local mechanic and we noticed the van has a leak by the transmission solenoid pack i filled up the fluid and i am checkin it every morning and now that i am keepin it on right amount it hasnt act up shoul i replace the solenoid pack or can i just replace the gasket thank you for your help
November 02, 2010

Jose said:
My Grand Voyager 3.3L SE have transmision problems, when driving the gears 3 and 4 have bad shifting, the scanner show codes P0734, P0733 and P0700. Anybody can supprot me about diagnostic? Thanks
December 17, 2010

marie said:
hi i have a 1996 3.0 V6 and my tranny also is in limp mode and i plugged her up and got codes p0743 as well as p0500
i bought both sensors and solenoid but cant seem to find where the sensors are located if you can please help with a diagram or info i would greatly appreciate it.

December 22, 2010

jovial_cynic said:
marie - the speed sensor locations can be found on this post:
December 22, 2010

Mario L. said:
2003 Caravan 3.3 ltr.
I have 2 error codes from OBD II
I've changed Tranny oil and filter.
Speed sensor output
Swapped some relays (identical ones to see any changes in other part which uses same) no change.

I am out of option and tranny shops are giving me the run around.

December 25, 2010

Mario L. said:
I forgot to mention.
I am stuck in limp mode

December 25, 2010

Christina said:
I have a 97 dodge caravan SE 3.0 and went to take the van out for a spin the other day and it want change gears we put it in drive and all it does is go but never changes we changed the transmisson strainer and changed both the output input sensors and it still want do anything we reset the computer by removing the battery cables and the check engine light went off and now the battery keeps dying and won't hold a charge is there anything simple to try before i go put alot of money into it? thanks in advance!
December 27, 2010

Dela-where? said:
Jovial Cynic, Thank you for posting such detailed and authoritative information. This was to the point and just as clear as the Hanes repair manuals. Your work is appreciated.
January 27, 2011

richie rich said:
this looks like a great post for me. I'm getting the p700, p0734 and p0732 codes with the engine light on also a code p1788. I had the selenoid pack leak but no problems other than when the tranny slipped from being low, (according to my wife). I tookk the pack apart and used gasget material to replace the gaskget. doesn;t leak but when i test drove it, it the engine light come on and its stuck in limp. any thoughts there
February 21, 2011

Bob said:
I have a 2004 Dodge Caravan 3.3 Stuck in limp mode.I have done the easy/ cheap stuff but still no luck. I started with the input and output sensors. The out sensor went bad about 3 years ago. If you want to test the input and output sensors you can take them out and hook up a voltmeter to the 2 pins on the sensor. With the meter in the ohm mode you can run a magnet in front of the sensor. The meter should change. If it does not then the sensor is bad. The input and output sensor conectors may look the same but they won't plug in if you have the sensor in the wrong spot they are keyed differently.I also had a couple of wires in the harness that were bad. If you think your harness is bad you can take it completely off the van and work on it on your work bench. The harness for the trans is seperate from the engine harness.There are 4 connectors on the trans and 2 in the drivers front inner fender.The inner fender is where the ECM (Electronic Control Module)is that runs the Engine/trans. The bad wires were in this area on mine. The ECM on mine had water/salt damage in the connector so I also had to replace it.The down side is that I'm still in limp mode. I don't feel bad about buying a new ECM because it was going to fail soon from the water/salt damage.The problem now is with the new ECM in I can't get the van to give me any codes. On my van you can look up the codes from the dash. If you put your key in the ignition and turn it back then forward to the run spot 3 times without starting the van it will show the codes in your trip display.It has to be in the trip mode not the mileage mode. I don't have a tach or digtal gauges. My speedometer went out the same time the trans stopped working. Does anybody know if the speedometer gets a signal from the solenoid pack? If not maybe I still have a bad wire somewhere. Thanks
March 08, 2011

Scot said:

i have a 92' caravan 3.3 w/ a 4sp automatic. when i start it and put into drive it will shift hard one time and then no matter what it will never shift out of whatever gear it is I think second.50 mph at 4,000 rpms. Changed filter and fluid no change. Please any suggestions, also ran self check no codes . thank you for your time. Scot Pryor

March 11, 2011

Janet Blasingame said:
OH, I hope you can help me! I have a 99 Caravan, nothing fancy, no electric windows, cc, etc. Just the standard model. It's got 105,600 miles on it now & I am having the worst time w/my tranny. I took it to a shop to get the "check engine" light turned off & smogged, which they did. When I left the shop, I felt the car start to "shudder" when I was slowing down. Initially, I thought it was somethign to do w/my brakes or the wheels. After some time, I figured out what was happening.
When it downshifts from drive to 2nd (around 25mph), it shudders bad, until it hits 1st gear. I can avoid this by downshifting manually. If I start in DRIVE, if it hits 3rd gear before 35mph, it seems to struggle for power to go, then is fine once over 40mph. I can avoid this by starting in 2nd & simply shifting to drive once I pass 35mph, if I am going to go that fast. Otherwise, I stay in 2nd & drive under 30.
So, I had a kit done to see if that would help, it did not. I'm wondering if the shop did something to cause the problem, as I promised him all my future business if he fixed the first problem. Does any of this sound similar to what problems you were having & do you think it can be fixed without a new transmission? Someone told me it could be the control valve sensors, or intake valve sensors not telling the tranny when to shift gears. There are no tranny fluid leaks & the car runs great, other than having to manually shift. Any thoughts? PLEASE!

April 13, 2011

Deege said:
I am having a problem with mine. 1995 Dodge Caravan, 4 speed (overdrive), A604. It was driving down the road and the tranny disengaged just like it was bumped into neutral. Pulled over and it wouldn't go into any gear...turned the ignition off and back on, and it went into drive (but not reverse). It slips right back out of gear when it tries to shift into 2nd at just under 10mph...then doesn't go back into gear without turning the igition off and back on. I know reverse and 2nd are usually the same gear, so it would make sense to me if that clutch is gone...but it just doesn't make sense to me why it refuses to go into drive after it slips out, until the igition is turned off and back on. Anybody have a clue?! Fluid looks horrible, changed the filter and it didnt change anything...would this be a solenoid issue or is something internal screwed? Or maybe some electrical problem? It seems to have 1st gear and neutral (and park), but doesn't go any faster than 8 or 9mph without slipping out of gear.
April 26, 2011

Dave B said:
I have a 2003 caravan with the 3.3L and it is stuck in limp mode. 3 codes on scanner. all speed sensor codes. I changed both input and output sensor. I am still in limp mode. Now only one code, "engine speed sensor curcuit bad". Could this mean that the wires are bad. If so how do I diagnose the wire problem, or is there another sensor somewhere that I need to change. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
May 02, 2011

Shawn said:
92' Grand Caravan. Had it towed 3 miles to get the fuel pump replaced, now it won't shift out of 1st gear. Changed both sensors, no help. It's a good engine but it looks like it's headed for the yard. Any suggestions?
May 08, 2011

kyle said:
my dodge caravan wont go in reverse and only a few feet forward tranny shot i will go pull one from harrys you pull it and put it in myself but i need pictures showing me how to do it can anyone help me please
May 21, 2011

C May said:
We have an '03 Grand Caravan, and we started having this problem and the speed sensor problem at the same time. I am SOOOO glad I stumbled upon your site, because even though my husband can easily fix the car, he has to know the problem and solution to be able to do so, and we were getting nowhere with the Dodge dealership and AutoZone. You are a life saver! Thanks so much for posting this and helping the rest of us unfortunate enough to have bought a Dodge van out, lol!
June 07, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
I'm glad I could help.
June 07, 2011

Jorge said:
Hello Everyone,

I have a 1992 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3L 4-speed xmission. I replaced my transmission's input & output speed sensors and control solenoid hoping that it will fix the trans problem going in to limp mode after few miles. Also, you hear this big thug when I stop. I guess missing the 2nd gear. That I could tell when I start moving the trans would stay at limp mode. I have to restart the engine while running to reset the problem, then it will cycle back when I stop again on traffic. Note: the trans works fine when engine still warming up. Anymore suggestions? Thanks!

June 22, 2011

pete said:
the engine light came on my 2000 grande caravan yesterday,previous to that i was hearing a metallic sound coming from the back of the vehicle as though change was rolling around back there.I had the codes checked and it was something in the tranny BUT the kid at the auto store running the scan said"ya want me to shut it off"?and i thought he meant the engine light and i said fine.,I hadnt realized it but when i took it to get assessed at the trans shop no codes popped up so im assuming he erased the codes,how long before they reappear,and can u tell me what the metallic noise is?
June 28, 2011

car blogs said:
If you have issue with your transmission again. It would be better to bring your car to a mechanic to know the reason.
July 01, 2011

auto parts said:
If it was a bad speed sensor, I think it should be replaced immediately because it might cause some accidents.
July 05, 2011

Lori said:
A year or so ago, our van started going into "limp" mode sporadically, and increasing a lot in the hot weather last year. We couldn't afford transmission work so we put it off. The limp mode became constant and then the transmission started "slipping". We paid $1,700 for a rebuild of our transmission and 18 month warranty. But it still went into limp mode sometimes, and when we took it back, they would replace a little part here or there. When the weather got hot again this year, it went into limp mode more often again. The transmission shop ran the code and said it wasn't the transmission, but the module that controlled the transmission so it wouldn't be covered under the warranty. We took it to a recommended mechanic, and they replaced the engine control unit. The first time they replaced it, it had the same problem the day we got it back, so we took it back. The mechanic said sometimes they get a bad one, so they replaced that one. We've had it back a week. So far, so good. It cost $600 to replace the ECU: $80 diagnosis, $324 for part, and about $200 labor for replacement and reprogramming. Since we drove it in limp mode so much last year, it ruined the transmission. I would have rather paid $600 initially, instead of $1700 plus $600.
July 15, 2011

Don said:
About 3 months ago I had my 2002 Grand Caravan Transmission flushed at 260.000 KM. Probably the first time it was done since new. The pan was extremely gunky. Then last week I pulled to a stop and a loud 'Clunk' when it downshifted. When I drove again the transmission wouldn't shift out of low gear. I stopped the car and shut off the engine. After waiting 10-15 minutes I started the engine and drove off. This time the transmission shifted through all 4 gears and when I came to another stop the 'clunk' was there again and when I drove off no shift again. I tried shutting off the ignition, restart and drive. This time it shifted OK until I stopped. For a few days I drove it this way and to make it shift I had the cycle the key 'off' 'on' - very annoying. I then googled the web and read all the comments on this site and 'wow' same problem with many who have these transmissions. Yesterday I picked up a new input and output sensor, changed them as per your instructions problem was solved. The output sensor had a build-up of 'fine' metal filings probably dislogged when I had the flush done. Last week I took the car to a local garage. He took it for a road test with his tester installed and the transmission failed all readings on his tester. It took aout 15 minutes and he charged me a whopping $40.00 just for this test. The new sensors I bought cost just $39.00 each at the Dodge dealers. I'm so happy for your site as I'm sure has saved many the agony of expensive garage charges when a simple, inexpensive fix all that is needed. It only took me about 2 hours to change the 2 sensors and clean all connectors. I believe my old sensors are still serviceable after cleaning the metal filings off the magnets. I was an aircraft technician in the airforce for many years and we had similar situations with magnetic sensors on the helicopter transmissions. Once again, thanks for your wonderful web site.
August 05, 2011

greg said:
I have a dodge caravan 2004 3.3 liters. Always fine until last week , no problems with shifting or anything . Then check engine light came on and the rpms would race up high and wouldn't shift , even though I've got reverse and first no low or low 3. Codes read po700 and po755 . Changed trans solenoid and input and output sensors , cleared computer and now they are back and same codes . Can't afford to take it to the dealer or a shop. What can I do only means of transportions help please
August 13, 2011

jim said:
Do you know if the new tranny silenoid comes with a gasket or do you use permatex or something when mounting it?
September 07, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
Jim - I'm not sure. I think it came w/ the gasket when I bought a new one. Just call your local supply dealer and ask. Different companies may do it differently.
September 08, 2011

michael odwyer said:
dodge plymouth,chrysler,they no these problems excist ,how can we all get together and tell the dodge dealers to get a new transmission,or we,ll stop buying your vehicles,,who knows the mayor or the ward alderman. i never voted before but this one promblem,i would take to them,who,s with me.M,O,D
September 11, 2011

elly said:
I've had all the problems you had with my 99 grand caravan, so I followed your fantastic guide for replacing the input and output sensors (had to do the input one without removing the hoses tho, after removing the clamps they would spin but not come off), but did get them successfully replaced, but van still won't shift out of neutral. So I purchased the solenoid pack replacement at a dealer, but got stumped when I tried to replace it, because the black casing around the pack in the vehicle is different from what you picture. It doesn't appear to have any bolts! The 8mm bolt on top was the same, but under it, where the actual solenoid pack is, has this black casing I can't get off. Any hints? I would love to be able to finish this repair myself and not have to tow it to a shop, just so they can charge me labor to put in the part I've already got :(

September 17, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
Hey Elly -

Not sure what you're describing. If it doesn't look the same as what I've got, you may have grabbed something different. Can you post a picture somewhere of what you've got?

September 17, 2011

robert said:
hi, my friend has a '02 dodge caravan grand sport with a 3.3l eng. the van drives fine but just the other day the reverse stopped working, but will try to go into nd move. is there a cheap solution to fixing this problem nd what do i need to do. please help as soon as you can. any recommendations would be of great help. ty
September 18, 2011

shieldsken said:
Thanks u have been a great help
October 01, 2011

atiba dale said:
does the solenoid pack control the reverse lights, i just took my 2002 dodge grand caravan apart and my gray plug cap looks just like the picture above. help I've been working on this for over a year
October 03, 2011

Donald Lemoine said:
I have a 1998 Grand Caravan, 3.3, A604 trans (41TE). About 2 years ago, my transmission went into limp home while on a road trip. Drove 70 miles back home at 35mph. Next morning, I went to Aamco. They scanned it and said I have codes P0700, P0733 and P0734. They said my transmission was fried. Took it to the dealer and had it replaced. $2400! OUCH! 3 days after the 1 yr warranty went out, so did the transmission. I called the dealer and they wouldn't help. A couple weeks later, I purchased a transmission from a local shop that offered a bench job for $950 but with a 90 day warranty. at 7 months, the transmission dropped a pin and cracked the casing. The guy that did the job did it for the cost of the case. $300.. It went 20 miles and stuck in limp home again. The shop said the codes now are P0700, P0733 and P1787. He said he doesn't diagnose, just builds.
Can anyone tell me what the P1787 means on this thing? Is it major? If so, junk yard bound!

October 06, 2011

Joe C said:
Hi! I have a 2003 Dodge Caravan 4/cyl. with 98,000 miles on it. A few months ago we started experiencing problems with what seems to be the transmission. It was making a high pitch whining noise (which kinda sounded like a belt-which it isn't)and every now and then it seemed to slip out of gear. One time I tried to pull into out slanted driveway and it wouldn't pull up the driveway, it was like I was in neutral. That happened several times while at a stopped position, like a light. When I would try to go, it was as if I was in neutral. I would shift into other gears until it finally engaged and moved forward. When I hooked up my scanner to it, I got these codes: P700, P731, P732 & P734. I replaced the input speed sensor. During the 'drive around' after replacing that, I no longer noticed the gear slipping but still noticed the whining. Now when I plug in my scanner I get the codes: P700 & P731. After calling Dodge today, it appears that my 70,000 mile warranty has expired and he was going on about "try this...", "Try that...". He suggested that we might just be better off replacing the transmission. Is that what you think or were they just trying to make a sale? Looks like you are a big help to others on here....please advise! Thanks, in advance, for your time and effort with this!
October 11, 2011

Amy said:
Okay guys,

It's a 2003 Grand Caravan EX 3.8 V6 with 175K miles. It won't change out of 2nd. I do have reverse. No clunking or whining noises. It stays in limp mode. Code reads p0700. This is what I've done so far:
Changed filter and fluid
Replaced solenoid
Replaced input and output speed sensor
changed EATX relay
Disconnected battery and cleaned the terminals

It DID shift once in cool weather but then reverted back to limp mode. I'm trying to fix this van for a dear friend who has no money, is going through a divorce, has 4 children and working 12 hours a day. Is there any way a shop can pin point if it's the TCM? Has anyone had success replacing the ground on the TCM and that fixed the problem?
Thanks for your help.

October 14, 2011

jovial_cynic said:
Is P0700 the only code that's showing up? That just sort of means that there's a general fault.

You may want to see if you can confirm that there's not a wiring problem near the speed sensors. You could have a "no signal" issue if there's a wiring problem.

October 14, 2011

Karena said:
I have a 1995 Caravan, 4 cylinder that I recently purchased with 84,000 miles. I was told the trans was rebuilt recently. I noticed that now it's getting colder out, reverse takes a minute to engage when I first start the van to back out of the drive. I deliver newspapers and also noticed that about halfway through driving, yes-a lot of stopping and starting, it starts slipping between first and second so I try to keep it in L2 but this morning it didn't want to go over 50 wouldn't shift to allow for higher speeds. When stopping at lights, the car doesn't move if I take my foot off the brake. And when I give it gas, it takes a few seconds before it will actually move and then seems to take off kind of hard. I know this isn't a brake issue because I've forked out almost $500 in the last couple months to get the brakes right. Would speed sensors help me here or is the tranny just JUNK???
October 19, 2011

Dick Harrison said:
my 2000 Dodge 3-3 engene The speedometor
wont work and the transmisson wont shift into high gear What is wrong

October 19, 2011

sam said:
I have 2001 dodge caravan and tranny make whining noises, sounded like a belt and every now and then it seemed to slip out of gear. while driving push padel and seems van not moving. like I was in neutral. I would shift into other gears until it finally engaged and moved forward.
Looks like you are a big help to others on here....please advise! Thanks, in advance, for your time and effort with this!

November 06, 2011

JoeC said:
Ref: Limp Mode: I have a '93 Dodge Caravan; gone 'limp mode' several times; Per tech blog, drive the van in that mode for 5 - 10mins, park and turn it off; wait a couple of mins, then turn ignition on/off 4 different times WITHOUT ENGAGING STARTER; start it on the 5th time, clears 'limp mode' and trans will run normal UNLESS really bad problem; Limp mode can be set by several other mechanical issues not related to the xmission and may re-occur. If so, best to have a mechanic look at it. LOL.

November 08, 2011

Hank said:
Occasionally when cold or low on fluid we'd hear a clunking sound while slowing down. I recently had the front apart with plenty of room so I replaced the solenoid pack because it leaked. After replacing the filter, pan gasket and solenoid pack we haven't heard a sound from the tranny. I'm just happy not to be checking fluid anymore. Thanks for all your info here.
November 09, 2011

kathy said:
1996 Dodge caravan (4 cyclinder) front wheel drive 3 speed transmission

having shifting issues sometimes shifts fine other times I have to cut van off and restart for it to shift also downshifts hard at times. Sometimes there's no reverse either also cruise control does not work and odometer reads over 394,000 miles (lol) not the actual miles !!

November 10, 2011

jessica said:
i been reading the post could a van just go into limp mode then out... i have a 2004. doge caravan. on the start of a trip it started like slipping into neutral over 45mph ... i couldnt go over 35 40 mph and had to turn around drove stright to the shop ... turned off.. and they got it in and drove completly fine no codes or any thing . had transmission services(46,000 miles) they seen nothing in the pan.. I drove 150 in five hours... i dont want this to happen again..
November 17, 2011

madi said:
my wife has chrysler pacifica 05 i will slip at first from 2nd gear from stop to start what could be the speed sensor or sensor or the bloc
December 02, 2011

mikeb said:
2002 town and country in limp mode,scanner shows tranny temp of 1000degrees have changed the solenoid pack which cleared code po750 but am wondering if code 0700 is due to bad tcm. your posts are a great help
December 09, 2011

Clint said:
Jovial - what a great service you have done for so many people! I don't know if the Plymouth & Chrysler vans are more breakdown prone or if you have just 'gathered' the owners here.

I have a 1998 Plymouth 3.0 and the transmission looks different than your great pictures (no input and output sensors or solenoid pack located as shown). My transmission gets 'stuck' in lower gears (1st and 2nd) as if I am heavily accelerating but I am not. When this happens, I can shift into neutral for a second, let the engine slow down (higher vacuum), and back into drive and it shifts it into the higher gear every time. I am thinking it is vacuum-related. Is there a vacuum module that sends a vacuum related signal to the transmission?

December 23, 2011

Clint said:
I forgot to mention, I am in Arizona right now on Christmas trip and don't know if I should chance the 20 hour trip home or not. I had the transmission fluid and filter changed before the trip but had seen the problem occasionally before. Now it is all the time but I am really good at doing my 'Neutral Shift' thing. Before heading back, I am going to replace all vacuum hoses just in case and could replace a vacuum sensor if I could locate it!
December 23, 2011

gailg said:
jovial_cynic Thanks for the great info. I haven't been able to get my van inspected. Problems started after tranny went berserk one day, sputtered and popped and speedo died. Got to transmission shop that had rebuilt it but they couldn't find anything because the computer could no longer be accessed. They replaced one of the sensors, as they had done previously when it went into "limo mode." Van has ran fine just no speedo After reading your post I changed the sensors, still no speedo. Wondering if you have any suggestions. Thanks, Gail
December 23, 2011

Adam Spotts said:
I have a 2003 Dodge grand caravan Sport with a 3.8L. My in-laws used it to drive to Florida From Pennsylvania which is about 1200 miles give or take. I had a small leak in the transmission pan gasket. We always made sure the fluid was full or at least within the limit. While they were in Florida the water pump seized up on them. When they took it to the shop, the manager/owner scared them into getting the transmission serviced by saying you won't make it home. Needless to say they had him service the transmission, which by the way you have to use a thicker fluid such as lucas after you change it. Needless to say the garage did not by the time they got home the transmission is downshifting so hard the vehicle shakes and when you back off the throttle it slips. I am glad I found this site because that is where I am going to start but I may not be able to do the work if they are willing to pay for it because he did not have my permission to work on the transmission just the water pump which I wasn't too happy about either. I have always owned Chrysler minivans and never had a problem with the transmissions like this. I service them every 20k-30k miles using a quart or two of lucas and never had a problem. I had a 1990 with 300k on it a 2000 with 250k on it and a 1995 with 275k on it and never once did I replace rebuild the transmission or engine so you can assume this has me very mad. But just so everyone knows it is best to service them every 20k-30k miles and use some lucas to help protect it. As for my situation anyone have any suggestions please feel free to let me know

December 23, 2011

Danielle said:
I have a 2000 caravan. My check engine light is on, but that seems to be the only noticeable problem. A mechanic said I have a code from my transmission that is coming up (P0 something). Im not sure what it could be. I will be contacting the mechanic to see what code # it is.
January 04, 2012

Danielle said:
The code # is P0743
January 04, 2012

Justin said:
My 1998 dodge gc slips out when it calls for second gear . When I turn off and back on I can go if I keep it in L . Seems like second gear is gone completely! I got it into 3 going down a hill but when I stop I have nothing again and have to restart to get 1 st again ! Took it to a friend of a shop owner and got codes 0700 and 0732 incorrect second gear ratio. Called a trans shop and a rebuild is $1200 on the low end! Could this just be a sensor issue(just looking at em they look like they've never been changed) or solenoid pack? Limp mode is supposed to be second but I only have first so I fear this is an internal issue .Id hate to put parts on it if it's gonna do the same thing cause second is just gone! I dont know any history of the van I just got it at auction. Any body on here fix a missing second gear with solenoid pack or sensors or fluid change let me know. In the mean time I'm saving up $1200 for a rebuild.
February 14, 2012

will said:
i have a 92 dodge carvan with a 3.3ltr and i was wondering if a bad solinoid or a bad sensor would cause reverse to not work and for it not to shift past 2 gear
February 14, 2012

Justin said:
@Deege... I have the same problem did you ever get yours fixed? If so, what was the cure?
February 16, 2012

will said:
replace the tranny i just put a new selinoid pack on and both high and low out put sensors on and it didnt work
February 16, 2012

chris said:
we got a 2000 dodge 3.3 carvan...well its not shifting at runs good but that...Is it the solenoid or is it sensor? i cant hook it up cause the get no power to check it, so the parts store told me it was a bad fuse, fix it and the code thing will you know what fuse it would be?
February 22, 2012

chris said:
sorry i didt check spelling i was just typing.. transmission computer couldt hook power...the cig lighter does not work runs good just does not shift?
February 22, 2012

Andrea said:
Thank you so much for the info that you was so helpful. The pictures are great. We to are having the same tranny issues. It was quite funny I was researching for anything I could find about the code p0755, but really couldn't find anything as helpful as the way you described. I then found your post, ran outside and said, "hey you have to take off this bolt" He say "we just did" I said "was it oily under there?" "yup" was the answer. I said then I think that is the problem. We've gotten the old Solenoid off and in the process of putting on the new one. Keeping fingers crossed that this solves the problem. Thanks again for the helpful advise.
March 13, 2012

josh s said:
Wow! I've been driving in limp mode for a year off and on. Just waiting for it to go out forever in my 94 dodge caravan! You gave me hope. Everybody else just say it's the trans going out. Over and over! Well I'm. Going to give this a shot. I've. Pulled over so many times and turned the key off and on,off and on hopeing it won't shift hard in to gear because if it does I have to hit the back roads and drive slow. Some times it don't and I can drive normal. most the time I'm driving and boom limp mode or neutral then shifts hard into limp mode or it just starts in limp mode! Thanks dodge for limp mode! You bastards! No Wonder why you have limp mode! Ill post if it works thanks again love the pics
March 13, 2012

victor said:
ihave a 2000 grand caravan check engine ligth came on on fwyway check it at autozone and got #s op700 and op740 can someone explain what those # mean
March 15, 2012

George said:
I have a 2003 town & country. April 2011 the transmission went in limp mode and I took it to a transmission shop. They said the transmission needed replaced. The replaced with a used transmission and after it was complete it was still in limp mode. I paid them and had it towed to another repair shop. They replaced the computer that controls the transmission, looked for a broken wire with out success. I was told to use lucas in the transmission and it ran good for 8K miles. It shifts good when the temperature is under 60. When the temperature is over 60 after driving 25 miles is goes in limp mode. When I shut off the car it will shift fine. The weather was 80 today and the car acted up. Any suggestions?
April 16, 2012

Al said:
I've had at least 5 chrysler/dodge transmissions changed out since my first 1988 caravan. I've owned 6 of the pigs. Currently I have a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.3 liter, A/C and all the bells and whistles available in '94, 198,000 mi. Just had the 2nd replacement done by a good trans shop. Problem is that after driving 150-160 continuous miles, the trans wants to shift down from OD, right through 3rd gear into second at the slightest upgrade or even a hard bump in the road. It can be nursed back into OD and hold on the level and downgrades. After an overnight rest, the problem is gone and it doesn't come back while doing local, short term driving. Trans shop is fed up with me and my van and saying it can't be the trans anymore. Any help will be appreciated. A NOTE TO OTHERS SUFFERING WITH OLD MINIVANS: My experience with high mileage transmissions (75 and up) your better off not changing fluids and filters after two 35K services. Almost every time, your trans will fail in a few hundred miles. The new fluid is very cleansing and removes varnish and slug that is better left alone.
April 24, 2012

Al said:
I've had at least 5 chrysler/dodge transmissions changed out since my first 1988 caravan. I've owned 6 of the pigs. Currently I have a 1994 Dodge Grand Caravan, 3.3 liter, A/C and all the bells and whistles available in '94, 198,000 mi. Just had the 2nd replacement done by a good trans shop. Problem is that after driving 150-160 continuous miles, the trans wants to shift down from OD, right through 3rd gear into second at the slightest upgrade or even a hard bump in the road. It can be nursed back into OD and hold on the level and downgrades. After an overnight rest, the problem is gone and it doesn't come back while doing local, short term driving. Trans shop is fed up with me and my van and saying it can't be the trans anymore. Any help will be appreciated. A NOTE TO OTHERS SUFFERING WITH OLD MINIVANS: My experience with high mileage transmissions (75 and up) your better off not changing fluids and filters after two 35K services. Almost every time, your trans will fail in a few hundred miles. The new fluid is very cleansing and removes varnish and slug that is better left alone.
April 24, 2012

V.Ravi said:
Have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport which was purchased new then. It has 103086 miles. Drives very smooth. Regular maintenance is carried out. No problems at all until now. The check ENGINE light came on and is there all the time that I drive (its annoying). What can be done to get rid of it? Is there anything wrong? Have driven more than 200 miles without any problem. Appreciate a reply. Thanks.
June 15, 2012

l.koonce said:
I have a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan 3.3 Flex that has started having transmission problems. While driving I stopped at a stop sign and after that it wouldn't shift passed 2nd gear. It sat for a week while we tried to figure out what to fix. Started it and drove it home 30 miles with no problems. Been driving it cautiously lately and it seems to shift gears fine but once in awhile the rpms go up dramatically. Like you are in neutral and still giving it gas. We have changed input and output sensors, and changed transmission fluid and filter. Any other suggestions?
June 24, 2012

john pyros said:
I' ve got a 99 GC doing limp mode thing I've changed the TCM and speed sensors thought I had it but no right back into it again. I'm getting a P0740 code from Autozone and 2355 from the odometer. Thinking of doing the solenoid pack but from what I'm reading don't know if that will solve my problem. So many of us with the same nerve racking problem .
June 30, 2012

katyan said:
I have a 1999 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. While driving 50mph down the highway we heard a loud clunk under the center floorboard and immediately lost all gears. I coasted to the side of the road. Put it in park. Then tried reverse, 1st, 2nd etc. The engine revs but no movement in any gear. Gear shifter shifts easily and it feels and sounds like it is going into gear but there is no power to wheels. No warning lights on. There was no warning or previous issues with transmission. Everything was working smoothly. Could this be a sensor issue or do I have to replace the transmission?
July 09, 2012

Baron said:
Similar problems here with a 95 caravan; the sometimes hard shift onto 2nd, then usually stuck in limp mode - but the I pull over turn it off, restart the engine and everything works fine until the next time. Changing the speed sensors did not cure the problem. Any suggestions?


July 14, 2012

Chris said:
I have a 2004 Dodge Caravan Anniversary Edition. I have had my trans rebuilt once already. Now here we are 15 months and less than 40,000 miles later....I was driving along fine, no engine warning light or anything. All of a sudden my car makes a noise like I am driving over the emergency side of the road (shoulder) and then it slips out of gear. I was unable to get it into any gear and had to coast down hill. It cranks just fine, just will not go into gear. Called the transmission company and they said "sorry, but all you get is one year". I want to start small because I cannot afford a new care and I cannot afford another 2800 to rebuild this transmission. I felt like I was ripped off. I haven't seen any posts for the annivesary edition,.. the engine is a little bigger than the standard (3.8 L) Any advice would be appreciated.
August 01, 2012

Lucy said:
I have a 2004 Dodge Durgano with 130,000 miles. Friday it had a rountine service, which included new transmision fluid, gasket & pan (prior to the service there were no transmission issues) Less than 24-hours and 30 miles later the transmission died at the side of the road. Wouldn't engage. Had it towed to the shop. The transmission fluid is still full, today the shop attempted to drive it and went into drive and reverse without issues, but, apparently they're getting lots of "error" codes. What could have happened when they worked on the fluid/gasket/pan? It's too much of a coincidence that it died the day after it was worked on.
August 13, 2012

willy said:
Got a 97 Dodge Caravan..3.0 engine..drove cross town...shifted into reverse to park it and it died and now won't turn over at all...can't get a code at all with diagnostic tool...all fuses and relays under-hood on drivers side are good.I'm ready to dhange the computer but I don't know how to reset it once installed...any ideas be greatly appreciated...thanks.
August 23, 2012

eric said:
Thank you this has helped me with my town and country trans problems.
September 02, 2012

Kelly Jo said:
My 1992 Voyager ..... 122,000 miles, when I drive on interstate at 60 mph. Along the long drive, then the van started shaking, dying, stalling in few miles, then quiet, then again, act weird again, slowing down and shook the van. Eating the gas from 1/2 to E for 29 miles. What's going on?! So I decide to get gas treatment then put gas in, then long drive, the van finally quiet down without any problem. About 200,miles, the gas gauge was 1/2 to 1/4. What's the problem? Please advise because I'm going to drive cross country travel in 2013. Thanks.
September 05, 2012

Leslie said:
I hope someone can help me figure out what I need to replace. I have a 2000 Dodge Grand Caravan Se with about 130,000 miles on it. The engine light came on back in May, I have only been able to drive it 20-25 mph because it will not shift out of first. So I never drive anywhere out of town with it. I finally had it hooked up and these were the codes: P0700, P0755-2nd & 4th Solenoid circut error, P0731 Gear Ratio Error in First, P1790 Fault immediately after a shift. What does this mean? what needs to be replaced, anyone know?
September 06, 2012

Sasha said:
The reverse went out in my 1998 dodge truck....can sum1 please help me with sum suggestions?
September 20, 2012

kevan said:
I have a 97' dodge caravan sport. Was having problems with trans revving in high rpm's at about 40 mph. I replaced filter and trans fluid-fluid was pretty clean. I had codes 720,732,733,734 and 1782. The next day replaced input and output sensors and installed a new solenoid pack. All codes are cleared. Took van for drive and it is running very rough! Still running high rpm's and tough to get past 40-45 mph. When sitting at a light the rpm's do not go to 0 but sit at approx. 700. Any suggestions? Van has 175,000 miles. Thanks for all answers and your time. I greatly appreciate it .
September 27, 2012

Jimmy said:
94 dodge caravan 3.3 w/ intermittent limp mode problem. Pull over and restart the engine would reset the tranny for a while, but then it would go into limp again; sometimes while at freeway speeds. Note: do not use cruise control if this is happening to you. Major high revs. After paying 400 for a new TCM (transmission control module) at the shop, still did it. I found this site and followed advice to clean out the connector plug on top of the TCM. It totally fixed the problem for the cost of a can of contact cleaner. WAY TO GO!!! (Should have tried that first)
November 13, 2012

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