October 14, 2009
by: jovial_cynic

All this time, I thought I had my timing set at 20-degrees initial, and 36-degrees total. I threw my timing light on the car this evening before making a few runs, and it looks like it was actually back around 15-degrees initial, which ends up at 31-degrees total.

After setting it to 20-degrees, my engine managed to hit 115hp, but if you compare this run with the first set, you'll see that the peak torque occurs a little later in the RPMs. This is the case with all three runs today:

I've had a few people advise that I might have been running too much advance, both initial and total, but as long as my engine isn't pinging (I'll have to wire in a microphone+amplifier and do some logging to confirm), I think I might be right on target.

I've also been advised that the 38mm SU carburetors are the bottleneck, and that I could achieve significantly better numbers if I had carbs (or a fuel injection system) that let the engine breath more clearly. So I'm currently on the lookout for some 44mm carbs without spending a ton of money. Because I'm interested in forced induction in the future, I really would like to go fuel-injected; spending a lot of money on carbs might not be a worthwhile investment unless I can recoop the costs later on.

Truth be told, because I don't know if my test road is perfectly flat, I'm taking an average of my best run in BOTH directions. I got 115hp going in one direction and 111hp going in the other direction. 113hp may be a more honest number at this point.
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