September 16, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
Whoops. Forgot to mention some of the recent changes. I've posted updates in an online forum among other bug enthusiasts, and forgot to post here. Here are the recent two posts prior to my aphids post:

August 27:
Well, no news is no news.

I'm actually a little concerned, as I haven't seen any activity with the ants for some time. Perhaps they've created a vast networks of tunnels which cannot be seen from the outside... and perhaps they've all died. I'm considering dumping everything out and seeing if I can find any ants, and then starting again with a narrower dirt section.

September 8:

I feared the worst, and assumed that my ants had expired. I went ahead and took the terrarium outside and took some of the pieces of wood down, and then pulled the Plexiglas back, and discovered that the ants are still alive, and I even managed to see the queen. Hooray!

I'll start thinking up a new way to house them in a way that lets me see them all the time. It's clear that a 1-inch thick housing makes it way too difficult for me to see them, so I'll either have to construct a thinner housing, or come up with something super creative. These are very small ants, so it's a bit of work to construct a habitat that lets me see them all the time.

np category: ants


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