August 16, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
I finally upgraded my ant farm. I've been meaning to do this for a while, but it required that I did something about the lizard that occupied the terrarium that originally housed my ants.

I put the lizard up on craigslist, but since I got no bites, I just set the lizard free in my backyard. Hopefully he'll enjoy the freedom more than he enjoyed the easy-pickings meals he got all the time.

Anyhow, here's a few shots of the converted terrarium:

Outside view:

Inside the terrarium:

Overhead view:

Dirt section:

I just dumped the ants into random places in the tank, and after quite a while of scrambling about, the ants have started several excavation projects in the dirts. Here's the one that's easiest to view:

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There's another one that's far more active, but my camera can't focus inside the tank too well. I'll have to get my other camera and see if I can zoom in on it later on.
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Alex said:
What kind of dirt do you use? I tried to use compost in my ant farm and it just grew mould.

Also, how moist did you keep it?

March 09, 2012

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