June 22, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
I've got the T-connector for the coolant lines that need to go to the carburetor, and I plan to hook those up tonight. It's supposed to rain all weekend, and I don't really want to drive my car in the rain yet (too much exposed metal), but if I get the car running, I might just have to drive it anyway.

I'm a little worried that some metal shavings from the head (from boring out the stud hole for the inserts) fell into the intake. I really should have stuck a ball of cotton or something into the ports before I started drilling, but I didn't even think about it. After I was done, I reached into the intake port under the stud and pulled some metal shavings out of it. Ugh. I hope I got it all out. I could just pull the head and clean it up for certain, but that's a ton of work, plus I'd need to buy another head gasket.


I'm going to rotate the crank and try to blow stuff out of the head with my air compressor and see if that helps. yeesh.
np category: 510


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