June 15, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
It's official. My ants hate the pre-built tunnels I built for them. They spent the entire night in the tiny mound of dirt above the tunnels, so I went with plan B.

Here we have one main chamber and two side chambers. I have a third chamber made up, but I didn't think it was necessary yet, so I just connected these two. The unused ports are sealed off with half-Qtips.

Here's a shot of the main chamber:

The dirt obscures the view of the eggs and all that, but I think the ants prefer it that way, and I'm content to let them have their way. However, if they want water or food, they're going to have to get out and crawl through some tunnels to get it.

Food chamber:

This is a mix of honey, sugar, a crushed children's multi-vitamin, and off-camera there's a dead spider I threw in there for a little protein.

Water chamber:

That's a paper towel I soaked and put in there. I want to get a small container that'll hold the water away from the wood. I'm concerned that the wood will start to mold...

Anyhow, once the ants figure out the food and water routes, I'll get some video and post it.
np category: ants


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