April 11, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
Woo hoo!!!

I drove my engine around the block for the first time with this engine! I have a LOT of tuning to do, and have to deal with a vacuum leak at the carb, but being able to drive around and go through 4 gears in my neighborhood was awesome.

For the last two days, my engine just had water in it, so today I dumped out the water and filled it up with a 50/50 mix of coolant. I also wired up the tach, installed the dash, bolted in the lights and grill... I'm telling you -- it's almost a car!

I used a terminal block that I had handy for power to the coil, the ignition, and the tach. Having a terminal block sure cleans things up quite a bit. I'll have to buy another block for all of my lights.

The vacuum leak at the carb might require a new gasket. In fact, I might need a complete gasket set, since I used gasket sealant at the intake, and I'm apparently not supposed to. I had no idea. That may prevent proper sealing, which means I won't get a good run until I get a gasket set in. I'll have to check eBay.

I bought some exhaust tubing, and began the work of building an exhaust. I messed up in the process and destroyed my flex pipe. Ugh. That was a wasted $10. Oh well. Hopefully I can get that done tomorrow and have a more quiet car...
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