April 09, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
I got the engine to run nice and smooth, but only at higher revs... the car can barely hold an idle. I'll have to tweak around with the idle screw until I can set it high enough to deal with the big lumpy cam.

I also bled the clutch by myself, using a 2x4. I looked around for a speed bleeder, but I couldn't find one that fit, so I had to do it myself, and I didn't feel like asking my in-laws (they're visiting to see the new baby) for help. So... yeah. That sucks.

Tomorrow, I'm going to actually do the wiring, so I can start the car from inside. So far, I've been using the old screwdriver technique and actuating the throttle by hand. I had to make a custom throttle linkage since I didn't have one available. If the weather holds up tomorrow, I may drive the car around the block. I have to wait for good weather since the car has no windows and no rear window seal (so I have to take the rear glass out every time I'm going to drive it)...

Once I get the rpms up, the car sounds so good. I have no exhaust pipe after the header, so it gets kind of loud. Too loud. I've been wearing ear muffs each time I run it because if I don't, my ears end up ringing... hahaha
np category: 510


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