April 02, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
I'm inches away from firing up my 510. Oh man, this has been a productive weekend.

I spent most of the weekend trying to make the passenger-side engine mount bracket, and finally got it done. I did it wrong at first, causing interference for the oil filter. Since I can't do much without the oil filter, I got a little impatient and decided I'd cut and grind back the bracket while in the bay. Yeah... not a good idea. I gave up on that pretty quickly and yanked the bracket off so I could do some more grinding, cutting, and welding, but I got it done. After getting the transmission bolted up and secured, I installed the engine mount bracket. I bolted up the radiator and found the top radiator tube, so I got that all hooked up.

All I need to do right now is get all the fluids filled up (tranny oil, radiator fluid), wire up the coil and plugs, bolt up the clutch slave cylinder, bleed the clutch and the brakes, and fire it up. Scary. I can't believe I'm this close.
np category: 510


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