March 29, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
Yesterday, I decided to tackle the engine mount issue that I've had for the last month.

I few weeks back, I stopped by several auto shops to price out engine mounts, and I learned that the left mount and the right mount are identical -- they're the same part. Knowing that I have one proper engine mount, I figured it'd be pretty easy to use that as a template to make another one.

So... I got out my metal cuff-off saw and my welder, and fabricated a perfect mount with the cleanest welds I've ever made with buzz box. I was so proud of my work, and I got to work hooking it up to the engine.

It turns out that I didn't actually fab up an "engine mount." I fabbed up the metal bracket that goes between the engine and the rubber-insulated mount that rests on the crossmember. And... the brackets are not the same on either side.

Ugh. Well, at least now I have a spare driver-side engine mount bracket.

Anyhow, I got the drive-shaft bolted back up, and I need to get the transmission mount bolted into the car as well. I have to fab up a new engine mount bracket... but I think I'll wait until the transmission is properly installed.
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