March 11, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
The U.S. Department of Agriculture has just approved the use of genetically modified rice, which contains human genes, for pharmaceutical use. The potential consequences?

From Food Business Review:

Some environmentalists and food groups warn the proteins could find their way into the food chain, causing medical reactions or allergies. But [Ventria Bioscience] has said it would take precautions to ensure the seeds did not mix with other crops.



[The same day that this rule was announced, USDA] revealed that a type of rice seed in Arkansas had become contaminated with a different variety of genetically engineered rice, LL62, that was never released for marketing. The error was discovered in the course of an ongoing investigation into the widespread contamination of U.S. rice by yet another gene-altered variety, LL601, which has seriously disrupted rice exports.

Those problems, along with the previous discovery of unapproved, gene-altered StarLink corn in food and the accidental release of crops that had been engineered to make a vaccine for pig diarrhea, undermine the USDA's credibility, critics said.

Didn't these people watch Jurassic Park? NATURE FINDS A WAY!!! With a plant's ability to cross-pollinate, this is throwing unknown variables into the human food supply, which is foolish at best. There's no reason to think that this couldn't lead to the disruption of the human food supply.


wonder said:
that's just friggen creepy
March 12, 2007

jovial_cynic said:
I agree. I'm opposed to GM crops anyway, because I don't like idea of corporations "owning" and getting a copyright on plants they create. It seems like a corporation would have an incentive to compete in the market with natural crops, and that just seems wrong. There'd be too much incentive to buy out farmers with natural crops, and then destroy them in favor of GM crops.

Of course... this sort of makes the assumption that natural crops are, in fact, better than GM crops. If we're talking about growing crops with vaccines that help save lives, it's hard to make a real argument against that.

March 13, 2007

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