February 14, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
I managed to wake up at 5 a.m. again today, which means I got an hour and a half out in the garage this morning. It's neat how much work you can get done when you have an uninterrupted block of time set aside. Fun.

The engine mounts are bolted down... sort of. I have bolts in holes so the engine doesn't slide off the mounts, but there aren't any nuts holding the bolts in place. I'll get those on tomorrow morning. I'll also mount up the transmission and driveshaft.

I have an electrical bug somewhere. When I push the ignition, the starter clicks (like it's not getting enough power), and then the battery gauge reads zero, as though the battery is completely drained. When I poke around the wire to the starter with my voltage tester, I've got no power to the starter. However, when I take that same voltage tester to the battery, I do have power... and then the power returns to the starter. Weird.

I think I may end up yanking the 10 wires I currently have and start over, beginning with the starter. At least that way, I can rule out a short in the sytem and determine if the fault is in the battery itself. It was a cheap $30 Walmart battery, after all...

Hopefully I can get the starter cranking properly tomorrow. Once I have that piece in place, I'll move towards the rest of the electrical system -- the coil, the tach, the auxiliary panel, etc. That, and with the starter functioning properly, I can finally get a compression test on my cylinders.
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Greg said:
Hi i was reading your 510 data sheets and was interested in the Frankenstien motors section. I really like the idea of the Long rod 2.1L motor. but would this be a good motor for street use. if not what motor would be the best for a fast street car. please let me know.
May 22, 2008

jovial_cynic said:
Hey Greg -

FYI, they're not my datasheets. Credit goes to 510 enthusiast Jason Gray. I just copied his content here for folks to easily access it, as Jason's original site went down some time ago.

Pretty much any engine listed on that page is good for street; it just depends on what kind of characteristics you want out of an engine. Do you want a torquey engine with more power on the low end? An engine like that will be stronger off the line, but will run out of breath more quickly as you approach higher RPMS. Do you want a peaky engine with more power on the high end? You'll be slower off the line, but once the RPMs get high enough, you'll feel the engine come alive.

So it's about your driving tastes. Personally, I like the 2.1L motor, because the bore/stroke relationship is just slightly over-square. It's prett close to the center of the power band, but it's a little closer to the peaky side of things, which is where I like to see the power.

When building an engine, know what characteristics you want, and then build up to that. Do some research to see if the parts are easily available, and determine if building an engine is really right for you.

What do you have in your 510 right now?

May 22, 2008

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