January 27, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
Since this engine is the first one I've ever built, I'm a little worried. It's a lot of work to get an engine installed in the car and wiring it up, so if the engine fails, I'll have to unhook it all and pull it again...

As a solution, I've decided to build an out-of-car engine bay. It's basically an engine stand that'll allow me to run the engine while it's out of the car, allowing me to make whatever changes I need to make before it goes into the actual engine bay.

I had some scrap metal from a weight-lifting set sitting in my back yard, so I cut it up and welded it together to make a frame. Since I have a spare front cross-member, I'm going to weld up a mounting bracket for the cross-member...that'll save me the trouble of measuring, cutting, and welding a mount for the engine.

Here's a picture of the base of the frame:

Here's a picture of the frame with the cross-member sitting on top of it:

That's not where the cross-member is going to go, since that round tubing probably won't support the weight of an engine. I just stuck it on there to get an idea of how much room I'd have for the engine.

I didn't have time today to get the cross-member secured to the frame, but I'll likely get that done tomorrow. Fun.
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