December 24, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
Twas the night before Christmas...

I haven't touched the car for a couple of months, and I think it's about time to get back into the game. I have a few immediate goals, and if I write them down, I'll have a better chance of actually accomplishing them.

Immediate Goals:

1. Cut exhaust header so I can attach a flex pipe; currently, the header is cut in a way that'll make it impossible to attach a pipe.

2. Take care of leak in the brake line. I think the leak is happening at the master cylinder, so I might need to just replace the cylinder.

3. Prep the engine bay. I want to put down another coat of Rustoleum. I've got a black coat on there now, but I might switch to a lighter color. Black engine bays are a little boring.

4. Install engine/tranny. I'm dying to hear my engine fire up. I've got an electronic distributor that came with a recent purchase, and I hope it makes the engine run well.

Future Goals:

1. I still have the front struts from the 84 Maxima, and I *will* install them on my dime. I have to figure out what I plan to do for the rear brake upgrade, but I'll swap out the front struts first.

2. Paint. I NEED to paint my car. I'm currently set on the silver used on the current VW Jettas, with a darker accent for the BRE styling scheme.

3. Lights. I don't have any head lights, tail lights, or interior lights.

4. Build up the interior. The interior is still gutted, so I want to think about some options. I plan to do it all custom, but if I find a good deal on stock interior parts, I might go that route.

5. Megasquirt.

6. Turbo.

And... if I don't blow up the engine, I'll run with that setup for a while. If I do blow up the engine, I'll start saving up for an SR motor.
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