July 20, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
Got the intake sealed up. JB weld didn't hold one of the studs in very well, but the other one seemed to do just fine. If the vibrating of the engine shakes the stud loose, I'll just apply more JB weld and shove it in there or something. Or not. I don't suppose I really need it in there. The nuts came off the studs easily, and I've reattached the intake and exhaust so that there's (hopefully) no leaks this time around. If there are leaks, I think I will blame it on the head gasket and make plans to take care of that. I need to decide if I want to weld up my exhaust or not. The coupler that I have hanging on it right now certainly won't hold the exhaust up properly, so I'll need to figure something out. I also need to find some time to start working on new floors up front -- they're crap. I might just lay down the 16 gauge I have on top of the existing floors... not sure yet. It depends on how the underside of the car looks in those spots. Lastly, I'm nearly done w/ my throttle linkage fabrication. it looks like crap, but I think it'll work. and if it does work, I think I'll clean it up to make it look a little more professional. Maybe. Or maybe I'll wait until after I'm done making things work to make it look nice.
np category: 510


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