July 18, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
I am a doofus. It looks like my exhaust bolts were never on very tight (I previously didn't have any deep-sockets, so I tightened them by hand and then forgot), and since the exhaust manifold helps to hold the exhaust/intake gasket in place, that's likely the cause of my problems. The two loose studs that I had likely didn't really create a problem. but... since I thought they did, I bought a helicoil and decided to try to tap out the hole in the block a little bigger. By hand. With a ratchet. Yeah... don't do that. I made the hole a bit bigger, and now I'm not even sure the coil will stay put. so, I decided to try to get the studs to fit in permenantly by using some JB weld in there. haha... I figure I'll have to take the head to a machine shop anyway if I want to do it correctly, so if the studs come out and a glob of JB weld stays in there, the machine shop can likely drill that out for me anyway. hopefully the JB weld holds... I'll wait until after I get off work to poke at it and see if it'll work. the nuts are still on the loose studs, so I'll spray some WD-40 on them to see if the nuts come off, and if not, I'll take my torch to them to loosen them up. Hopefully that works. Also, I need to put some gasket sealer on the gasket; that should work. Lastly, I need to buy an adaptor for my mechanical water temp gauge; the one I bought doesn't fit. naturally.
np category: 510


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