January 27, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
I was supposed to attend a funeral service today. Or maybe it was a memorial service. I'm not really sure which, and I'm not really sure of the difference between the two. Whichever the case, I attended neither today.

I could have made it, but I would have been about 20 minutes late, and I don't think that one can be fashionably late to such a thing. I'm not sure of the protocol, but I'm sure that being late ranks somewhere between rude and unacceptable.

I've tried to picture what it would be like to die. Not in a horrible way - I don't picture myself being mangled or any such terrible thing. I suppose it's probably a bit like falling asleep, and simply not waking up. No dreams, no thoughts... probably the best sleep one can have, really. The nights I've slept best have been the ones where I close my eyes, and then I open them again and a full night has gone by. Having young children, that kind of night doesn't come often, so it's really pleasant when it does.

I suppose death can be pleasant. If one has been battling a raging cancer (as was the case in this instance), a long night's rest seems like the only nicety a hospital bed can offer... and if that long night lasts until the last chapter of this world comes to a close, it really doesn't seem so bad.

Hm. Not really sure what else to say. Death is weird. Get a good night's rest, Sue. See you on the other side.
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Kristen said:
There were 1,300 people there, so I figured I missed you in the crowd. Guess not!
January 28, 2007

jovial_cynic said:
Holy moly. I didn't realize the church was large enough to house that many people.

Sorry I couldn't make it -- I had some scheduling conflicts.

January 28, 2007

Kristen said:
It seats 1100 comfortably. We were really smashed in there, and there were many people standing (they brought in extra chairs, too).
January 29, 2007

Tembi said:
hm. I had wondered why you didn't come.
March 20, 2007

jovial_cynic said:
Yeah -- sorry about that. I felt badly about it at the time... but a little relieved at not going, too. I've never been to a funeral, so I think a part of me felt a little weird at the thought of attending.
March 21, 2007

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