May 27, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
I said before that I'm not a doomsday sayer. Whenever I see anything that looks like "end of the world" stuff, I tend to view things as *similar* to the way things are supposed to be at the end (in accordance with Revelation, anyway), but not directly in line with it. The National ID that got passed is one of those things -- it's close to the picture of the one-world government, but it's just national. It's just one nation trying to control the citizens.

However, The Independent reports that the US is pressuring Britain to use the SAME technology that we plan to use for our national ID to create a shared database between our two countries. Fantastic. Now I'll be tracked anywhere I go in the US and in Britain. And I'm sure the EU will jump on board, to be followed by Japan and Korea -- we all have the technology available to start building the tracking infrastructure.

ADDITION: To make matters even more sinister, it looks like Microsoft and HP are building an online infrastructure to support the national (ahem... GLOBAL) identification system. This will surely usher in a total online tracking system as well, given Microsoft's and HP's proliferation. If the internet is the Beast described in Daniel's prophecy and in John's revelation, all the game pieces are moving into play quite suddenly.

Or maybe I'm just crazy.


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