January 07, 2007
by: jovial_cynic
Tired of paying too much for rotten apples? Sick of paying $0.99 for a song?

Swing over to and try out their music service. It is incredible. The entire site is dedicated to promoting new artists in a way you're not going to find in the mainstream music services. Instead of simply pointing you towards music you already listen to (by way of tags/associated songs), they actually push you to new artists by delivering DRM-free (you can play these songs on ANYTHING!) MP3s... for FREE.

Yup. Free.

New artists get their songs pushed to the members at the most attractive pricing, and as their songs get recommended and downloaded and they become more popular, the price goes up. A song may jump to a penny after several recommendations, and if it keeps climing, it'll hit a max charge of $0.98 cents, making it a penny cheaper than the $0.99 that iTunes charges.

Even better - if you recommend a song that goes up in value, you earn "street credibility" which turns into credits you can use to buy more music. This is good for the members, good for the artists, and good for the site, as it provides reason for users to purchase songs that have increased in popularity.

I love it.

Click here to see a list of songs I've purchased (most of these, I've purchased for free).
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The Conservative Manifesto said:
Interesting. May have to check that out!
January 07, 2007

The Conservative Manifesto said:
Also, thanks for the link modification from the old blog to the new.
January 09, 2007

jovial_cynic said:
No prob, man. I made that change right when you posted about your new site. :)
January 09, 2007

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