November 29, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
It's nearly 1 a.m. right now, and I can't sleep.

I still haven't gotten used to the time change after flying home from Korea, and the only thing helping me sleep for the last couple of days is a couple tablespoons of cough syrup and codeine. Conveniently, I have a cough with this perpetual cold of mine. I'd like to break away from the narcotics, so I'm considering driving to the 24-grocery store to pick up a pack of beer to softly lull me into alcohol-induced slumber. Unfortunately, it's about six-below freezing outside, which is a bit colder than I feel like experiencing.

I'm also tempted to go out to my garage and do some more welding, but I think that might prevent me of getting any sleep tonight, which would probably ruin tomorrow for me. Ugh. Bleah.

Also, the kids haven't adjusted to the time change either, and for the last couple of nights, they both decide that their "nap" should end at around 1 a.m. (right about now), and that they should run around and play.

... any minute now.

In unrelated and nerdy news, I just dropped $60 on a gig of DDR400 ram (a fantastic deal) for my desktop machine, and it should arrive in the mail in the next couple of days. I've been running an embarrassing 384mb clocked at 200mhz in my 2.6ghz P4, and I can tell that everything is bottlenecked right at the ram. I dabbled with Second Life with my current setup, and the amount of hard drive access due to low ram was painful. So... I figured it was time for an upgrade.

Also, I picked up a set of lenses and other accessories for my Canon Powershot A95 digital camera. I had considered spending about $700 on a Canon Digital Rebel XT, which is the camera to have right now, but I couldn't justify the cost right now. Later, when my wife decides she's ready to start her photography business, I'll come back to it... but as we've got another baby coming, it'll be a while. Anyhow, instead of spending $700 on a new camera, I spent significantly less on an accessory kit for my camera, which includes a .5x wide-angle lens, a 3x telephoto lens, a set of filters (UV, FLD, PL), two tripods, and a carrying case. It also comes with a lens adaptor which *might* allow me to use other Canon lenses with it, but I'm not sure. We'll see. When it comes in, I'll take some comparative pictures and post them.

I think that's it. Tomorrow, I think I'll post something a little more thought-provoking than my recent spatter of "what-I-ate-this-morning" type of posts. I'm growing a little bored of them, personally.
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Luke said:
Sorry you're so sick buuutt.....

Congrats on the baby girl! Looks like the Brandons, Edwards, and (Chad)Benders are the only real men in the small group... ;)

November 29, 2006

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