November 21, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
My mom took my family out to the Yongsan military base today to get some American groceries, and also to pick up some cough medicine, since the kids and I picked up a cold and are coughing up our lungs. We also ate at a decent restaurant on the base (good old American food) and strolled around at some of the on-base markets.

Later on, we went to the Nam-Dae-Moon market, one of the larger open markets in Seoul, featuring all sorts of shops - clothing, food, trinkets, etc., etc. I took a couple of pictures of the market:

I picked up a few things that some folks on the forums said they'd be interested in buying - various nicknacks and trinkets and the such.
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Kristen said:
Neato pictures. I hope you are having fun!
November 21, 2006

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