May 18, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
So the Bush administration just decided to limit the amount of imported clothing the US will allow from China to help promote sales of US clothing. Last year's trade deficit with China was $162 billion, and apparently was the "largest imbalance ever with a single country."

Somehow, decreasing imports is supposed to help the US economy by forcing citizens to just buy US stuff. What a strange way to compete. Instead of trying harder, we're just going to tell nations who do it better than we do that they can't play with us. Here's a quote from the article:

The United States, he said, "will enforce our trade agreements to ensure that U.S. companies get a fair deal as they compete in the global marketplace."

This won't help the US compete. This is lowering the basketball hoop in our own gyms so that we look good as we slam a 4-foot rim. If the US wants to compete in the global clothing market, it needs to MAKE BETTER CLOTHES. The only reason our clothes are currently so much more expensive than those of China is because our wages are so high. Our wages are so high because we demend so much comfort, which raises the cost of living. Everything is so inflated, and the more we drive up wages, the more things will end up costing.

But I'm not complaining about costs. I drive an SUV. I live in a reasonably nice house. So I'm not going to say that folks should stop driving SUVs and live in cardboard boxes. But I'm not complaining about the presence of "made in china" clothing either. And I'm not demanding higher wages, and at the same time complaining that my employer is going to outsource my job.
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