May 16, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
I pay back my debts. Sometimes it takes a while, on account that I'm the one bringing home the paychecks, and I'm feeding a household of 4 on my own, but in the end, I think everybody gets what I owe them.

I was reminded today of a debt that I owe a friend who's teeth I misaligned during a softball practice last year. The situation was pretty horrific, and the aftermath was only muddied by the fact that it was hard to place blame - was it the throwers responsibility? Was it the catcher's responsibility? Who knows? And then money gets mixed into it, and that always makes situations even murkier.

It probably would have slipped my mind. It was nearly a year ago, and my friend and I sort of worked out a "hey - it was an accident, and these things sort of happen" kind of arrangement. Not really much of an arrangement, I suppose... except that she got to have the braces at a lower price than she originally expected (emergency orthodontics is cheap, I guess), and my having thrown a softball at her mouth is what ushered in the trip to the ER. Actually, it wouldn't have slipped my mind, since she put a poster of a brace-filled smile in my cube at work, but the notion of monetary payment probably wouldn't have come up again.

However, her brother posted a page on his blog here and here about wanting to break my knees, and more recently he suggested that I fail to live up to my word about wanting to make the world a generally better place, on account that I haven't paid his sister for damages.

Well, Jason -- the debt has been paid off. As of today. So quit whining. Find something else to complain about.
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