October 05, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
I didn't plan to post anything else about the whole Foley situation, since it's been beaten to death already, but I found this post on boingboing and it really ties into what I was talking about.

Fox News twice incorrectly listed Foley as a Democrat. Twice.

... and down the memory hole it goes.
np category: politics


Luke said:
Yeah I saw that on Drudge but it's strangely dissapeared and I can't find it in the 'recent headlines' section either... Hmmmmm... Anyway I'm sure someone at the Fox 'behind the scenes' department slipped that in, but I doubt it was a big thing.

I should start making a list of all shenanigans that the main-stream media have gotten caught trying to feed America. It would be a long list...

October 05, 2006

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