September 15, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
Liz, from esme-after (also found on my blogroll) is getting married, and at her second job working in a fitness center, one of her clients must have overheard her talking about it.

People can be so helpful. But sometimes... well, sometimes helpful isn't always very helpful.

"Have you found a dress yet? No? You should hit up the thrift stores. I mean, you can find some really neat vintage dresses there. Or, ooh! I know! I have the answer for you! My daughter got married - well, wow, it's been 15 years ago now - but she still has her dress and you look, yeah, you look about the same size she was then. It's so cute! It's a shorter dress and it's western - with tassles and embroidery and everything! And she wore these white boots... just adorable. What do you think? Can I bring it in for you? You'll LOVE it."
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