June 15, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
When it comes to political issues, a large number of Christians vote on (or at least side with) issues that closely resemble some sort of Judao-Christian moral code. Gay marriage is a great example. A traditional interpretation of scripture is that homosexuality is wrong, so any law supporting the union of homosexuals must also be wrong.

I have a problem with this.

First, and most importantly, I don't think that the moral code given in the scriptures have anything to do with the non-believing community. If we decide to take the scriptures as God's law, we have to recall that the Old Testament laws were given to Israel, and the laws only applied to Israel. God never told Israel to apply those laws on the surrounding nations. Likewise, any New Testament moral code should be applied to members of the Christian community, and not the community at large.

Second, I'm not particularly interested in the idea of Christianity imposing itself on government. The government is a man-made construct designed to serve itself through the collection of taxes and through the enforcement of societal laws via. police. The government serves people in as much as such action serves the greater goal, which is self-preservation. Government is, by nature, a selfish creature. The last time someone merged Christianity with government, we had the formation of the Roman theocracy, which led the inquisitions, totalitarian rule, and all sorts of human atrocities. No thank you.
np category: theology


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