June 09, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
Adam and Eve, prior to the fall, were different than we were. They were without sin, and as such had free moral choice -- they had the ability, on their own, to choose God or not choose God. The argument made in scripture is that after sin, the resulting generations of man no longer had the ability to choose God. as wholly corrupt creatures dead in sin, if would require God's direct intervention for us to have relationship with Him. God had to move in and provide a clothing of animal skins for Adam and Eve... this a direct symbol of salvation (the shedding of blood for the remission of sin).

However, what we don't see in the text is God providing animal skins and tossing them out for whomever "desired" to be saved. As sinful creatures, we -- by nature -- desire to cover ourselves without God's help. Adam and Eve's attempt to cover their nakedness with fig leaves is a symbol of an attempt at self-salvation. in their sin, they did not choose God. they didn't raise their hands at an alter call and say "I want to be saved." they didn't initiate the rebuilding of their destroyed relationship with God -- God did that. God clothed them.

Any time a person feels like they truly want to be saved... they must realize that the "feeling" they have comes from God. God initiates every relationship with man, and not the other way around. you will find that for many, God intentionally hides himself from them so that salvation is not possible for them. No great sermon from the pulpit, and no great evangelist, will do anything for the man whom God hardens.
np category: theology


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