June 14, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
It turns out that some important ingredients for wine making are tannin and yeast. And it turns out that grapes happen to carry both of these ingredients naturally. So I took some grapes that my wife bought and mashed about 4 of them in a small bowl of warm water and added them into my batch.

At this point, the batch smells fizzy, kind of the way a carbonated beverage smells. I realize that's not really a smell, but rather a sensation in the nose, but that's what I'm experiencing when I take a sniff. I guess that's good news - the yeast is doing something.

I decided that the Sobe bottle i'm using is likely too small - there's not enough room for me to mix the contents. I took an old vase that my wife had in a cupboard and cleaned it out and dumped the contents of the Sobe bottle into the vase. I also added about half a sobe-bottle of water into the mix... I think it needed it.
np category: wine


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