August 07, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
If Iran and Syria are to blame for providing rockets to Hezbollah, should the US be blamed for providing those same rockets to Syria in the first place? Especially when the US knew that they were going to be sent to support Hezbollah?

This month marks the twenty-first anniversary of a shipment of 508 anti-tank missiles to Iran's Ayatollah Khomeini in support of Hezbollah. Who approved that shipment?

Need a hint? The shipments were approved by a group which calls itself, "The Party of God."

That's right, Republican President Ronald Reagan sent the Ayatollah the weapons (and a birthday cake - no kidding) in return for loot to fund the illegal war against the elected government of Nicaragua. As part of the deal, Iran's operatives in Hezbollah would release the two dozen hostages they'd taken, including a Presbyterian minister, a Catholic priest, a librarian and US reporter Terry Anderson. After the arms shipment, Hezbollah released three of the hostages and over time, executed several others. With Iran's funding, the US supplied its own terrorist group, the "contras," with weapons used in the killing of 30,000 Nicaraguans.

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