August 02, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
The Jerusalem Post reports that Hezbollah fired more than 200 rockets into northern Israel today. Israel has made several claims about having nearly crushed Hezbollah... so it's rather odd that Hezbollah continues to fire even more rockets each day.

As a side note, in the rain of 200+ rockets, only one person in Israel was killed, and 11 wounded. What are they aiming at, anyway? Not that I want them to kill anybody... but man... it seems like a waste of rockets, no?
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Anon said:
“…only one person in Israel was killed and 11 wounded. What are they aiming at anyway?”

First, it’s interesting how we’ll use the word “only” to describe a single death and less than a dozen wounded by terrorists as if the act was excusable and acceptable due to the relatively low amount of casualties. What is this? Golf? However, such a result from an Israeli air strike would earn swift condemnation and be considered an intolerably high amount of civilian casualties. Kind of odd considering Hezbollah is trying to inflict civilian casualties while the Israelis are trying to avoid it. Just a point to ponder.

The types of rockets Hezbollah is employing are very inaccurate and their "success" depends largely on "luck" (good luck if you're a Hezbollah terrorist, bad luck if you're an Israeli civilian). If you're going to judge Hezbollah's "skill" by the casualties it inflicts with its rockets, it seems fairly clear Hezbollah is poorly trained in using these rockets. That's understandable considering their "expertise" is not rocketry, but rather strapping a bomb to a brain-washed man and detonating it in a large gathering of civilians. An alternate explanation of their limited "skill" in rocketry is that perhaps the Israeli claims of severely damaging Hezbollah may be more accurate than you'd care to admit. Perhaps the low success rate of their rockets is due to their rocket experts being killed earlier in battle by the Israelis. Of course that would require you to consider that maybe a significant portion of those civilians the media reports being killed by the Israelis weren't as "civilian" as the media would lead us to believe. Remember, these terrorists are hiding among civilians and using them as shields. A dead terrorist looks just like a dead civilian when a bomb or artillery shell falls on him. Has it occurred to you that the media may be assuming some of the dead are civilians just to fit their own story or agenda? Sure, there are undoubtedly civilian deaths, but it's also plausible those numbers are padded by dead terrorists mis-identified (purposely or not) as civilians.

"Not that I want them to kill anybody...but seems like a waste of rockets, no?"

It may seem like a waste if you’re playing the media’s favorite game of body counting. However, imagine the terror those "wasted" rockets cause. They can strike anywhere, with little to no warning, and even though they may be inaccurate, they're still deadly if one happens to find its mark. Such a prospect is enough to make anyone fear them. That's why a terrorist finds such a weapon so appealing. Striking fear in people's hearts is the goal in employing these weapons. Killing people is an added bonus to Hezbollah.

August 02, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
First of all, if you've read anything other than the latest post of my blog, you'd realize that I'm opposed to the violence on both sides. So... I think that you're only getting a piece of what I'm writing.

Second of all, if you're going to go on about civilian casualties, perhaps you should get a better read of the actual death count and make a more informed claim about what's going on in the Israeli/Lebanese conflict.

August 02, 2006

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