July 15, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
I guess it's been so long since I've posted (three days, by the way), my fan-club has been pestering me to finally write something. I'll throw them a bone.

You're welcome, Lucaso.

I've been swamped at work. I'm writing a couple of large-scale (six-state audience) web applications, both of which are going to have a huge impact on communications strategies the company is using at both the local area and across the enterprise. One is a WIKI application scoped as a project-management tool (which is proving useful for interdepartment collaboration), and the other is a combination publishing-tool and message aggregator. It's a bit like an application that'll both allow you to write blog posts AND aggregate other people's blogposts that are written in the same application. The folks at the corporate headquarters, as well as intranet gatekeepers in other areas of the company are chomping at the bit for this application to be released... which is kind of cool.

(As a side note, yes, I'll do freelance web applications as well, so if you need anything built, just send me a comment somewhere and I'll get the message.)

Apart from spending every day writing web applications for the past few weeks, I've also been in an entertaining debate over the bible and polygamy over at Mark Glesne's blog. It's quite a bit of reading, but it sure is fun.

Other stuff: I've been building utility shelves in my garage based on a template I picked up from hammerZone. I've had two 6-foot utility shelves in my garage for a couple of years, and I've recently decided to add a few more. So... I'm lining every wall of my garage with these utility shelves. Fun fun fun. I've only smashed my thumb twice, and managed to strike the heel of my foot (while wearing flip-flops) with the hook end of the hammer. Yeah. Don't ask.

I've also been continuing to tend to my garden, although it appears that one of the neighborhood rabbits has been tending to my garden as well, specially the snap-pea sprouts.. I need to invest in a .22 rifle. I hear rabbit is good eating.

So yeah. All that, and I'm still thinking about redesigning this site... Busy busy.
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Kristen said:
What exactly do you mean by a web application? Can you explain that to me?

(BTW, I run a fashion website with some other gals. We get about 500 hits daily and are looking to go to the next level. We're thinking about doing a site redesign since we're just on a simple blogspot site right now; is this the type of thing you could/would/would want to do?)

July 18, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
A web application is like having a normal desktop application or program (think Microsoft Money, or Solitare, or any program you double-click on your computer) except that it runs in a browser. It generally connects to a database, and is interactive.

Depending on what you wanted to do with your fashion site, I could probably help you out. The design portion will probably have to be done by somebody other than me, since I pretty much suck at design. I'm all function -- I just make things work.

Let me know what you want your site to do in an email, since this post is going to fall off the front page in the next day or two. My address is my username at my website. :)

July 18, 2006

Kristen said:
July 18, 2006

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