July 03, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
I spent seven hours yesterday replacing a roof with a group of friends. I'm a little tired today.

It turns out that the hardest part about replacing a roof isn't that it's a difficult job. It's that there are a ton of low-difficulty-tasks that need to be handled, and each of them takes forever. For instance... scraping shingles off a roof is easy... except that there's 8,000 pounds of shingles on a house. So it ends up taking longer than you'd expect, unless you've done it before.

... and none of us have ever worked on a roof before. After seven hours of work, the roof still isn't done, so I think that I'll probably be out there again today after I get off work to help. fun.
np category: DIY


Brian said:
How goes the roofing? It can be time-consuming work, especially in the sun. Hope it goes well!
July 05, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
Second day, we spend a couple of hours ripping up all the staples from the roof so we could lay down some felt. I had to break away due to family obligations, but I think the rest of the crew was able to make pretty good headway that night. My friend mentioned renting some big flood lights so they could continue working through the night...
July 05, 2006

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