June 19, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
In the last four years, I've gone out to the harbors in our area and have failed to catch a single fish. Not even the stupid trash-fish bullhead fish that linger near the docks that'll eat your chewing gum if you throw it into the water. I saw a guy catch one with a cigarette butt once... and I haven't even been able to catch one of those.

My family and I went out to the local marina yesterday for Father's Day, and we decided to rent a 15hp motorboat. At $40 for two hours, I think it's a little high priced (you can rent a paddle boat or a canoe for $5/hour), but being able to travel much faster was well worth it - we took the boat out to the back of one of the islands in the harbor and found a great little lagoon where you could sit and watch the fish jumping out of the water to catch bugs on the surface.

And yes, after an hour of sitting in the lagoon, I caught nothing. I am not a fisherman.

However, I am a good bargain hunter. After my failed voyage at sea, we went to downtown Olympia and walked through the open flea market, and I managed to find a Ross Loudmouth G1240 (12-inch/40-watt) guitar amp for $30. It's nothing too fancy, but it does have reverb, which is necessary for my electric violin. Knobs include: pre-gain, post-gain, base, middle, treble, antisat, and reverb. The sound quality isn't stellar, but it's decent, and for $30, I really can't complain. Now I just need to build some fun effects pedals and I'll be set!
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