June 14, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
No, really. A catastrophe.

Oregon recently got hit by a hail storm which caused a tremendous amount of damage to homes and autos, and since I work for an insurance company, I get to hear all the juicy details. Also, I'm one of the catastrophe call center coordinators, which means that I get to jump on the phones and take claims for folks involved in the event. Last year, I was one of coordinators for the Pacific Northwest call center that handled claims from hurricane Katrina. That was quite an experience.

It turns out that both Bend and Prineville Oregon were recently hit by golfball-sized hail, accompanied by winds that drove the hail nearly sideways. Windows shattered, gutters completely knocked down, roofs damaged...

It's crazy and scary to think about how powerless we are against natural events.
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Luke said:
I'm relieved because of the new code I get to type in, no more 597510. Anyway strangely your post is impacting to me. Not so much because of your wording but because it's true. We all subconsciously act like our country is immune to tragedy because we're this big island which is separated from the rest of the world's problems. All it takes is one serious event and we all come crying home to the reality that we control none of this world. When a God-sized event (which I know is a misnomer) happens we all wake up slightly and realize that He's the one in charge. Good post.
June 15, 2006

jovial_cynic said:
Yeah -- I think we have very little control over anything, really. I used to think that we had total control over anything that goes on between our ears, but when we consider how easily our moods are controlled by chemical imbalances and the use of drugs, it makes us wonder how much of our own opinions are even under our control. It's a little horrifying to realize that we literally control *nothing*.
June 15, 2006

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