June 10, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
I generally like to work with metal. Metal makes sense to me, because you can melt it into shapes and melt one piece into another and make all sorts of things with it. I've been welding for a couple of years now, and just the smell of melting steel gives me a sense of euphoria (although it might be the impurities in the metal actually making me sick) -- if the market wasn't so unreliable, I'd totally take up welding as a full-time profession.

My wife comes from a family of carpenters, so for her, it's wood that makes sense. Wood, to me, is weird. I like it and all, but the fact that you need nails or screws to hold wood together just makes it less pleasant to me. You can't easily bend wood into the shape you want, like you can with metal.

Anyhow, I've made a couple of shelves and benches in my garage for myself out of 2x4s, but recently decided to a nice potting bench for my wife.

Building the bench-top:

The bench... looks like a table:

Potting bench, before the paint:

Finished potting bench:

np category: DIY


Red Queen said:
Both wood and metal are weird to me (though I've worked with wire a bit making jewelery- no melting though).

I prefer paint. Mixing paints to get theperfect color is one of th emost deliciously meditative things I can think of

June 10, 2006

Kendra said:
Honey, my potting box turned out better then I thought it even could have!!! Thank you, thank you. I love you! :)
June 12, 2006

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