May 12, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
When it comes to political issues, I find myself leaning more and more liberal every day. I used to consider myself rather "hyper-conservative," because I thought that my biblical views aligned rather neatly with conservative views. However, as I've stepped further away from the western model of churchianity and more towards a christianity uncluttered by corporate theology, scripture looks a lot more liberal than traditional american church folks would have you believe.

I found this rant on boingboing that kind of wraps up my feelings on it. He doesn't mention the christianity/churchianity divide, since I think he likely falls on the non-believer side of the fence, but he drives a point with which I absolutely agree.

There's been some ink spilled lately denigrating so called 'angry liberals,' that is, people who have allegedly lost their right to be taken seriously because they are 'angry.' And they are 'liberal.'

Well, I hereby declare myself a charter member in the ALC (Angry Liberal Club).

Sure, at first I felt guilty -- what right do I have as a patriotic American to be angry? Or liberal? Oh, I tried to repress the 'angry thing,' I tried -- if I was asked, I claimed I was a 'peeved moderate.' Or a 'mildly upset centrist.' But after much work through 'BIT' (Blog Immersion Therapy), I stopped feeling the shame. I'm coming out of the closet to announce I am an Angry Liberal Guy. And I am pissed.

You might be saying "Man, what are you so angry about, Angry Liberal Guy?"

I've compiled a short (and by no means complete) list just so I could see it all in one place:

I'm angry about the shredding of the constitution... illegal wiretaps... falsified intelligence... secret prisons... use of torture as an accepted means of interrogation... Terry Schiavo... the war on science... denial of Global Warming... the fascistic secrecy of our elected officials... presidential signings that declare the President above the law... the breakdown of the wall between church and state... the outing of a clandestine CIA agent for purely partisan political gain... the corrupting influence of K Street... the total sell-out of the legislative process to corporate interests... appointments of unqualified cronies at every level of government... Harriet Miers... Brownie... Abu Ghraib... Scooter ... the complete mismanagement of the war in Iraq... the lies about the complete mismanagement of the war in Iraq... the grotesque budget deficits... the pathetic response to Katrina... a civil rights division dedicated to undermining civil rights... an environmental protection agency that refuses to protect the environment... (Take a breath, Angry Liberal Guy.)

And I'm angry about a smug, simple-minded, incompetent, unqualified President, and a press that denies the obvious fact that we have a smug, simple-minded, incompetent unqualified President.

If these things don't make you angry, I have to ask -- what the hell is the matter with you?

And what would it take to make you angry? -- C.B. Shapiro

Yeah. That about wraps it up.
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Luke said:
boring. sorry but that dude is just what he declares himself to be. angry. How about liberals come up with ideas of their own instead of just bashing the current administrations. I agree some of the presidents actions aren't the best course of action but consistently when leading liberals (i.e. Howard Dean leader of the A$$ party) are asked what they'll do they spoud some crap like Dean said on Meet the Press, "it's not our job to come up with ideas it's our job to hold this administration accountable" or something like that. Then when held to account for such a stupid freakin' statment Dean comes back with the most brilliant off all plans, "we're going find and capture Osamma Bin Laden." Hmmmm... something you're not telling us there? Is he a personal friend of yours that you should just go find him? I'm not a fan of Republicans these days but the liberal party has almost NOTHING to offer. Just anger about the second loss of the presidency, then they make up crap about illegalities (like wiretaps) that their own fav pres did (clinton) long before bush and in a more domestic capacity than Bush. If you said that you're leaning away from republicans I could understand that, but leaning more Liberal in politics is freaky to me given the current standing of political liberal leanings. Pro-abortion, Pro-euthanasia, Pro-illegal immigration, Pro-eratication of christianity everywhere (like a historical cross on public military land) while simultaneously fighting for religious rights of muslims (ACLU), and on and on it goes. I suggest posting another that clarifies your specific 'liberal' standing... JMHO
May 14, 2006

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