April 17, 2006
by: jovial_cynic
Rumor has it, gas prices are supposed to climb to $3.50 a gallon or something crazy like that by this Memorial Weekend. That coupled with our increased heating costs over the winter... I tell you. This energy crisis is becoming a bit of an irritant.

I've given some thought to alternative ways of heating my home and supplying power. I've read a few fantastic articles on ways of solar-heating water and such, which is cool.

I had considered setting up an ethanol-manufacturing rig, but it looks like I'll have quite a bit of trouble making that happen. Long story short, it would take 400 gallons of mash (that's basically fermented fruit/vegetable pulp) to make 35 gallons or so of fuel-grade alcohol. And that 400 gallons of mash would need to come from a LOT of fruits/vegetables... and I'm no farmer. And then what the heck would I do with that all the waste product? I guess a farmer could mix it up with cow and chicken feed. So... yeah. No ethanol production from me. At least, not on a scale that'll be useful.
np category: DIY


phillipson said:
i have been pondering of the same ideas, even thought of trying hydrogen production by electrolysis, gas is not cheap these days..ethanol takes a lot of time to make, for heating, try to find out how to burn used oil for heating, if you have a pressurized stove that is fueled with kerosene, it would work on used veggie oil, but it takes a lot of preheating( like diesel), smells whatever was cooked with that oil might even use it for hot air balloons.... here in the Philippines, coconuts play a good role in our country, ethanol, wood for burning, coco oil(could be used as diesel replacement with some ethanol), at least we dont have to worry about winter...ah and i have followed your cnc project, making my own too
November 28, 2010

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