December 21, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
Some crazy fellow (happens to be a Quaker) has come up with the bizarre conclusion that Christians should really run around naked instead of covering themselves up.

What a creepy fellow.

"As evidenced by Adam and Eve, we believe that when God's children are in the right relationship to Him, they will be naked and unashamed," explains one of Natura's brochures. (emphasis mine)

And what a clearly erroneous take on scripture. For all of you folks who pay any attention to scripture, you should recognize that Adam and Eve's time of being nude was before the fall - before sin entered the world. After sin, the two attempted to cover themselves in fig leaves because they were ashamed. However, God's response to their attempts was not to simply remove the figs and instruct them to be free from their shame. Instead, God covers them with animal skins, which seems to signal that God feels it is now necessary that Adam and Eve (and subsequent mankind) to be covered. Additionally, the covering of animal skins points to the blood sacrifice necessary to atone for sin, as instructed in the Law of God. While born-again Christians should be free from shame, we must also acknowledge the sacrifice made by the Lamb of God for our sins. To state that Christians should roam naked and be unashamed because of our close relationship with God sends a confusing message: if Adam and Eve cast off their coverings after God clothed them, that would indicate that God's work is unnecessary. Or at the least, God's work is just temporary. And there's a problem with that kind of theology. Salvation is a work that God does, not a work that man does. We don't cast off our own shame, and we don't cast off our own sin. That's the work of God.

So... yeah. Enough preaching from me. I'm not saying that being naked is bad or sinful - not at all. I'm just saying that Adam and Eve's nudity in their pre-sinful state has nothing to do with modern sinful man's attempt at being nude to express freedom from shame. There's no theological connection.
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