September 17, 2004
by: jovial_cynic
Generally speaking, I enjoy ebay. I've bought and sold a bunch of stuff there, and I like how streamline the system can be. However, after reading this article on ebay, and how they're blocking the sale a book titled "Why Is America So FAT?" for no apparent reason. The author of the book wrote to ebay to find out why the sale was being blocked, ebay's response was "account has been suspended for engaging in activity expressly prohibited on eBay's site." No other explanation was given, and the author's ebay account was suspended.

I understand that ebay has the right to censor anything they please, since it is their system. It's just that this censorship on the part of ebay completely works against the whole point of the free market system, which is what made ebay so great from the start. Oh well.



Stanley Klagenberg said:
I submitted My thoughts about Ebay and paypal and who they treat there sellers new and old and they will not allow anyone to write in there forums that they deside could be Bad for them
and its all about buyers rights and sellers are guilty as charged

Well maybe ebay should start charging buyers fees because if they keep blasting sellers they will be none and what are the buyer going to get there great deals
What ever happened to the old ebay...

September 05, 2009

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