December 05, 2005
by: jovial_cynic
My little welding side business seems to be doing pretty well - I'm making enough extra spending cash to fund my car project, which is pretty cool. That, and I enjoy doing it, so it doesn't seem like "work" to me.

The bulk of the orders I've taken for welding projects have come from the somethingAwful forums (registration required), so I've decided to build a banner ad for the site to further advertise my services. Here's the banner:

I like it. It's clean and simple - pretty much exactly what I think is appropriate.
np category: welding


me said:
You should think about making some templates for the more complex pieces (like the piano). Save time anyway. I could totally see this becoming a multi-national conglomerate!
December 05, 2005

jovial_cynic said:
that's the plan. the template part, anyway - i dunno about going multi-national. lots of paperwork involved.
December 06, 2005

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