January 27, 2015
by: jovial_cynic
The stock 510 gas tank doesn't have a built-in fuel pump. There are some debates about the benefits of in-tank or external fuel pumps, but in the end, I think I prefer the in-tank pumps because they are quieter. And while it seems like extra work to have to pop open a tank to access the pump if anything goes wrong, I've messed with this one enough times to tell you that it's just a matter of pulling a few bolts. It's really not that big of a deal.

Cutting a proper hole into the top of the stock tank takes a steady hand. If you're going to use a plasma cutter, you MUST either fill the tank with water or flood it with an inert gas so you don't blow yourself up. Even the tinest bit of gas fumes can wreck your day or KILL YOU if you don't protect yourself.

I picked up a whole 1995 Honda Civic gas tank for $20 and cut the pump access off of it and welded it on top of the hole I cut out for the 510 tank. Again, because you are welding in a potentially deadly environment, either flood the tank with water or an inert gas to protect yourself. DON'T DIE doing this.

Once the pump access is welded on, bolting down the seal is easy. And all the wiring for the pump is right there on top.
np category: 510


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