January 27, 2015
by: jovial_cynic

The first part of getting an SR20DET into a 1971 Datsun 510 is (aside from actually acquiring one) is figuring out how to get the engine into the engine bay. It wasn't meant to be in there.

Problem #1 is that the stock 510 crossmember is backwards relative to the oil sump on the SR20 engine.

Cutting and flipping is a common option. I decided to cut and reinforce with some 1" square tubing I had sitting around. I don't know why.

Here you can see the crossmember attached to the car, but if you look closely at the left side motor mount, you can see something wrong.

The stock mounts don't line up with the SR20, so some modifications were necessary.

Specifically, I had to add some length to both motormounts to get it to stand off from the crossmember enough to fit. I also had to make sure that this didn't make the engine sit too tall to close the hood. We're good.

And here you can see it fitting up just nicely.
np category: 510


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