January 27, 2015
by: jovial_cynic
One of the tricks to getting an SR20DET motor into any car is to figure out the wiring, and building up (or buying) a relay assembly. I'm more of a DIY guy, so I figured I'd follow some diagrams and make one myself.

Here's the wiring diagram so you can do this yourself.

The parts are pretty simple. It's just 3 relays, a junction bar, and a box for fuses. If you really wanted to simplify things, you don't need the junction bar or the fuse boxes. You could wire everything direct and have a bunch of wires going everywhere, but I like things a little more tidy.

I also like seeing how tightly I can package things, so I stuffed everything into a cardboard box. The box I had was too big for my liking, so I cut it down and made it as small as I could.

I found a small computer power supply case that I gutted and stuffed the relay assembly into it. I have a fetish for metal boxes. I don't know why.

And this is where I tightened up all the wiring...

... and connected it to a proper pig-tail so I can disconnect it as necessary.

And this is the relay box, labeled and ready for install. Bolting it down grounds it to the frame of the car, and it works quite swimmingly.
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