December 02, 2012
by: jovial_cynic

A while back, I picked up a bead roller from Harbor Freight. I got it specifically to cut metal, and had no plans to do any beading, as I couldn't think of any use for it, other than to put dents into metal. Since most of my sheet metal working involved making 4" metal people, all I really needed was a simple way to cut 1" strips for the figurine bodies.

Recently, I started doing some bodywork on my Datsun 510, and because I was cutting and welding in new patch panels, I've learned how useful a bead roller can be. With the dies that came with the bead roller, plus the use of some small shims to put the dies where I want them, I've figured out how to replicate the bigger line on the panels.

These are my test runs. I need some more practice keeping a straight line, and I should probably modify the bead roller to keep the rollers from shifting laterally, but I'm pretty excited about being able to reproduce the panels on every area of my car.
np category: 510


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