September 15, 2004
by: jovial_cynic
The new version (I guess this would be 3.0) of is up and running. The previous format was pretty difficult to maintain, so I decided to drop it for a blog version. That, and while I'm very interested in the opinions of other people in a discussion forum format, I felt it probably wouldn't be good for the site to rely on written contributions to keep the site going. So instead, I'll just be a blog writer.

Welcome to

Previously, the site was dedicated to a "healthy criticism of the modern day church." I felt that the current state of affairs in american christiandom was pretty sad, so I looked at a few different issues I felt the church needed to fix.

The first criticism was the the knee-jerk reaction that a lot of christians have about the state of Israel. Sure, scripture makes it clear that they are "God's chosen people," but it doesn't mean that they're always RIGHT. Maybe these christians should read through the Old Testament and see just how terrible God's people were!

The second criticism was how Christianity relates to homosexuality. It's like homosexuality is the BIG UNFORGIVABLE sin or something. Not to say that homosexualty is "ok." No sin is "ok." But why doesn't the church picket around the houses of spouse-beaters? Why not around corrupt politicians?

So yeah - the site dealt with issues like that. Though the church criticism is the central theme of the site, I want to also be free to bring up issues about other stuff as well. I don't want to be confined. However, as these are "new protests," I want them to be novel at least. That's my goal.



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