April 15, 2012
by: jovial_cynic

My wife and I have been taking on some more home decorating projects. Typically, this involves my wife finding something she likes on Pinterest and having me or her dad buy the parts and build it. This time around, the idea was mine.

We have a good-sized pantry in our kitchen. It's actually pretty impressive, and it's always been a shame that there's a door that's in the way.

Problem solved.

This project consisted of the following:

1. Cutting the door in half
2. Relocating the top hinge
3. Cutting some 5/8" MDF board for a shelf on the door
4. Mounting the shelf and building a rear support for it
5. Paint

Between the half-door and the short curtain on top, it looks very inviting. I'm pleased with it.
np category: DIY


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